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DCC 01

CCM/UBL Letter No.C.518/Commercial Circular/2017of 02.01.2018. (Commercial Circular No.01/2018).

Review of Flexi Fare System in Rajdhani/Shatabdi/ Duronto trains.

DCC 02

CCM/UBL.NO.C.210/Passenger traffic/2017 of 21.12.2017.

Opened for outward and Inward Booking of Stone Chips traffic.

DCC 03

CCM/UBLNo.C.518/PA/SBGA/Mahamasthakabhisheka/ 2018 Date: 19.12.2017. (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR COACHING NO.79/2017, RATE ADVICE NO.13 OF 2017 )

Surcharge  for Mahamasthakabhisheka at Shravanabelagola and Hassan.

DCC 04

Railway Board Letter No.TCR/1078/2015/07 dt:09.01.2018(Rates Circular No. 01 of 2018)

Adjustment in Base Freight Rates- Rationalization of tariff structure for transportation of Coal & Coke by rail.

DCC 05

CCM/UBL No.C.565/ ATVMs/ T&P/ Vol. VI/ 2016-17  Date:05.01.2018

ATVMs related issues.

DCC 06

PCCM/UBL letter No.405/Implementation of GST/2017 of 09.01.18.

Pending GST input Credit amount & Wrong feed of GSTIN FOIS-reg

DCC 07

Boards letter No.TC-I/2017/109/8, dt.10.01.2018  (Corrigendum No.2 to RATES MASTER CIRCULAR/WEIGHMENT/2014/0)

Weighment of wagons/rake, exemption from weighment, procedure to deal with overloaded wagon(s) and levy of Detention Charge etc.

DCC 08

Railway Board No.TC-I/2017/109/8, dt.10.01.2018 (Corrigendum No. 7 to RATES MASTER CIRCULAR/WEIGHBRIDGE/2014/0)

Guidelines regarding provision, installation and functioning of weighbridges

DCC 09

Railway Board Letter NO.2017/TC(FM)/10/28 of 11.01.2018    (Freight Marketing Circular No. 01 Of 2018)

Modified policy guidelines on 'Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy' and `Leasing Parcel Cargo Express Train Policy' regarding Schedule of Powers.

DCC 10

Railway Board No.TC-11/2910/2013/Dynamic pricing/C, dt:12.01.2018.(Commercial Circular No.03 of 2018)

Revision of advance reservation period for running                   of Suvidha trains and special trains on special charges.

DCC 11

This office DCC No.64/2007 dated 07.03.2009.

Cancellation Procedure of Unreserved Ticketing system.

DCC 12

Board’s letter No.TC-II/2196/2016/Deaf & Dumb dt:12.01.2018  (Commercial Circular No. 04 of 2018)

Replacement of the words Blind, Deaf and Dumb

DCC 13

Board’s letter No. 2014/TG-I/23/PRS Terminal/Pt.2, DT: 16.01.2018 (Commercial Circular no.05 of 2018)

Implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra (YTSK).

DCC 14

Railway Board No.TC-II/2910/2016/Discounted Fares, dt:05.01.2018   (Commercial Circular No.86 of 2017)

Discounted fare in Shatabdi trains from Ahmedabad to Vadodara.

DCC 15

Railway Board No.TC II/2910/17/Anubhuti Coach. dt:22.12.2017 (Commercial Circular No. 84/ of 2017)  

Fare structure of Anubhuti Coach.

DCC 16

Railway Board No.TC II/2910/17/AC EMU, dt:22.12.2017 (Commercial Circular No. 85 of 2017)

Fare structure of AC EMU.

DCC 17

Railway Board No.TCR/1394/201, dated 18.01.2018

Designed Tare Weight, Permissible Carrying Capacity and Loading Tolerance of BRN wagon.

DCC 18

CCM/UBL ltr No.TA/SWR/SBC/BS OF 16.01.2018.

Proper Preparation of Cash Remittance Notes.

DCC 19

Railway Board No. TCR/1017/2017/05 Dt:19.01.2018

Booking of automobiles traffic in DBKM rakes —  Trainload charging and maximum load thereof.

DCC 20

CCM/UBL letter No.C.206/TL/2017/Vol.VI dated 25.09.2009.

Opening of Bidadi (BID) Station for handling inward goods  traffic including crane consignment – reg.

CCM/UBL letter No.C.471/Alpha Code/Vol.III/SWR dt: 23.01.2018.

Allotment of 08 Digit Numerical Code & Alpha Code.

DCC 21

Railway Board No.TCII/2080/12/Livestock, dt:24.01.2018 (Freight Marketing Circular No. 02.of 2018).

Revision of freight charges for transportation of all animals including wild animals & birds in Parcel vans and Brake vans

DCC 22

Board’s No.TCR/1078/2018/02, dt:31.01.2018

Guidelines for implementation of E-way Bill over Indian Railway.

DCC 23

CCM/UBL no.C.493/Mela Surcharge/2018 of 29.01.2018.

Levy of Mela surcharge in respect of Amavasya Mela during 2018 at Chitrakutdham Karwi.

CCM/UBL No.C.441/Opening of Parcel Traffic/Band dt: 29.01.2018.

Opening of Banaswadi (BAND) Railway Station for Parcel and Luggage traffic.

DCC 24

CCM/UBL.C.490/Siding/2018 dt: 24.01.2018.

Closure of 21 Stations for handling of Live Stock traffic.

CCM/UBL ltr No.C.490/Siding/2018 of 24.01.2018

Permission for co-use of M/S.HPCL's Private Siding at Loni on Pune division by M/S.IOC Ltd.

DCC 25

CCM/UBL No.C.206/Parcel Policy/SWR.Vol.VIII dt: 31.01.2018

Delegation of powers to Zonal Railways to decide parcel rates in the SLR of intra-Railway trains.

DCC 26

Railway Board No. 2018/TC (FM)/ 11/2 dated 30.01.2018  (Freight Marketing Circular No. 4 of 2018)

Attachment of VVNs as 25th vehicle in passenger carrying trains.

CCM/UBL NO.C.450/CONCOR.VOL.IV of 31.01.2018.

Hub & Spoke policy for movement of container Trains-reg.

DCC 27

Railway Board Letter No.TC-I/2014/214/3 dt: 05.02.2018

Charging freight on through distance basis in case of sidings

Railway Board letter No.TCR/1078/2018/02 of05.02.2018

Guidelines for implementation of E-way Bill – to be kept in abeyance.

DCC 28

Railway Board No. 2018/TG-I/20/04, Dt:31.01.2018 (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR NO. 07 OF 2018)

Defining of changing the code of Executive Class                   of Shatabdi Express trains as EC.

Railway Board No.TCR/1618/2016/STS/02, dt:07.02.2018

Station to Station Rates Guidelines

DCC 29

Railway Board No.TC-I/2014/214/3 of 05.02.2018.

Charging freight on through distance basis in case of sidings

Railway Boards No.TC-I/2015/104/5, dt.:09.02.2018

Modification of the format of Annexure-C under e-Payment system.

DCC 30

CCM/S.C. Railway letter no.C.210-G-I/Review of Halts/2017 dt: 14.12.2017

Closure of non-remunerative Halts over South Central Railway.

DCC 31

Railway Board No.TC-1/2018/302/1, dt. 09.02.2018

Stabling Charge

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2008/11 Pt., dated: 13.02.2018         (Corrigendum No.03 to Rates Circular No. 23 of 2015)

Levy of Congestion Surcharge for traffic booked to Bangladesh.

DCC 32

CCM/UBL letter NO.C.518/Reservation Instruction/2018 of 01.02.2018

SMS Service for Delayed Trains.

CCM/UBL NO.C.490/Siding/2018 dt: 19.01.2018.

Opening of Jhilo (JLLO) station for outward goods traffic.

DCC 33

Railway Board circular No.TC-I/2015/223/1 dt: 16.02.2018 (Rates Circular No.02 of 2018)

Notified Stations.

DCC 34

Railway Board No.2013/TG-I/20/P/PRS Ticket Pt.II, Dt:13.02.2018 (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR NO.10 OF 2018)

Discontinuation of pasting of reservation charts on train coaches.

DCC 35

Railway Board No.2007/TG-1/20/P Pt.II dt: 15.02.2018  (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR. NO. 13 OF 2018)

Earmarking of reservation quota for women.

DCC 36

Railway Board No.TCR/1394/2004/2 Vol. IV-Pt.l , dated 23.02.2018            Corrigendum No.14 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/2015/0

Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes.

DCC 37

CCM/UBL NO.c.37/Goods Shed Working hrs Vol.VII dt: 21.02.2018

Implementation of Round-the-Clock working Hours at Nidavanda               goods shed (NDV) on Bengaluru division.

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2014/27, dated 26.02.2018 (Rates Circular No. 03 of 2018)

Congestion Surcharge on Goods Traffic Originating from Ports.

DCC 38

FA & CAO/WST/SWR/UBL letter NO.A/TA/HQ/UBl/01 dt: 15.02.2018

Non-following of security measures both by Radiant and Railway commercial staff in dealing with Railway Cash.

DCC 39

Railway Board letter No.Tc-I/2014/302/2 dt: 27.02.2018           (Corrigendum No.14 to Rates Master Circular/CRT-CCR-Hub & Spoke/2015/0)

Charging of Kota Stone in containers.

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2015/07, dated:27.02.2018

Adjustment in Base Freight Rates- Classification of Commodities.

DCC 40

Railway Board No.TC11/2364/10/Haulage Charges dt:09.02.2018            Freight Marketing Circular No.05 of 2018

Haulage Charges for postal traffic

DCC 41


Rail Haulage charge on Empty flat Rake movement for TXR examination.

DCC 42

Railway Board  No.TCR/2201/2004/1, dt:04.02.2018      (Rates Circular No. 04 of 2018)

Revision of rates of miscellaneous charges.

DCC 43

Railway Board No.TC-I/2018/302/2, dt.27.02.2018       Rates Circular No. 5 of 2018

Operation of container trains by Private Container Operator (PCO) in railway owned terminals.

DCC 44

CCM/UBL NO.C.518/SWR/Comml Circular/2018 dt: 27.02.2018. (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR COACHING NO.15/2018 of Rate Advice No.02/2018)

Policy on earmarking of berths on demand from IRCTC for value added tour packages.

DCC 45

GS/IRCA/NDLS letter No.Al-89/B/IV dated 31.01.2018

Name and Code Initials of Stations, Sidings PRS etc sanctioned to be adopted.

DCC 46

This office letter No.B/S.14/Telephone bills/SBC div./2018 dt:05.03.2018.

Passing of telephone bills.

DCC 47

Dy.FA&CAO/SWR letter NO.A/TA/SWR/SBC/BS/OS dt: 21.02.2018

Submission of CRIS generated Daily Cash Transaction Statement with Daily Cash Remittance Note.

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 06-03-2018  

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