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DCC 01

R.B NO.TC-1/2011/109/11 DT:04.01.2017 .RATE CIRCULAR No.1/2017

Exemption from mandatory(100%) weighment for the commodities loaded in standard bags of uniform size.

DCC 02

R.B.NO.TCR/1078/2015/05 PT.I DT:05.01.2017

Liberalised automatic Freight Rebate scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional Empty flow directions(TEFD)

DCC 03

R.B.NO.TCR/1078/2015/05 PT.I DT:05.01.2017 corrigendum No.1 to Rate circular No.29 of 2016)

Liberalised automatic Freight Rebate scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional Empty flow directions(TEFD)

DCC 04

1) R.B NO.TCR/1078/2008/11 dt:10.01.2017 (corrigendum to Rate Circular No.23/2015)

Levy of congestion surcharge for traffic bokked to bangladesh.


2) R.B.No.TC-I/302/1/2007 PT.II dt:10.01.2017 (CORRIGENDUM NO.7 TO RMC/CRT-CCR-Hub  & spoke/2015/0

Container Rail Terminal(CRT), container class RATe(CCR) and hub & Spoke system of charging

DCC 05

1) Commercial Circualr (Goods) No.02/2017 RATE Advice No.01/2017

Opening of Desur (DUR) station for outward goods traffic sxcept coal Minerals and POL


2) Commercial Circualr (Goods) No.71/2015 dt:08.07.15

Permission for extension of Amargol(AGL) Station for inward traffic for unloading of RVLN rails.


3)Our office  letter NO.B/C/210/LOGH/2016 dt: 03.01.22017

Converson of Lottegollahalli Halt(LOGH) station into Block station.


4)SR.DCM/Hubballi  letter NO.H/C/210/Review of Halts/16 dt:14.12.2016

Closure of Aherwadi (AHD) Halt station of Hubballi division, SWR.


5) ACM/UBL letter NO.H/C.568/Inter Distance/RDG-KYND dt:28.12.2016

Inter distance b/w Rayadurga(RDG)- Kalyandurga(KYND) BG section on UBL division of SWR.

DCC 06

R.B No.2015/TG-1/10/p/payment through electronic means Pt.II dt:12.01.2017

Steps to be taken to generate MIS reports for ticket booking through point of sale(POS) machine.

DCC 07

SR.DOM/SBC letter NO.B/T.454/T.T.Revision/2017 Dt:16.01.2017


DCC 08

SR.DOM/SBC letter NO.B/F.454/T.T.Revision/2017/DRM/T/UBL,MYS Dt:16.01.2017

Introduction of New Tri Weekly Express between KSR Bengaluru/YPR to Shivamogga Town and Back

DCC 09

R B No. TCR/1394/2016/01 dt:20.01.2017

Carrying Capacity of BTAP wagons.

DCC 10

1) R B No.TCII/2037/2016/DR POLICY dt: 05.01.2017

Withdrawal  of distance restrictions in mail/expres trains for issue of tickets over Indian Raiwlays


2) RB NO.TCII/2035/11/Sports/POLICY dt:11.01.2017

Restortion of concession on the certificate issued by boxing Federation of India

DCC 11

RB No.2014/TC(FM)/11/16 dt:19.01.2017

Accounting Procedure for remittance of earnings in Parcel Offices, received through Point of Sale(POS) machine installed by SBI

DCC 12

RB NO.2015/TG-1/10/payment through electronic  means (Pt.II) dt:19.01.2017(Commercial circular NO.12/2017)

Procedure regarding refund/cnacellation of PRS and UTS tickets booked through POS.

DCC 13

RB NO.2015/TG-1/10/payment through electronic  means (Pt.II) dt:20.01.2017

Refund of tickets issued using SBI(POS)

DCC 14

RB NO.2010/TG-V/72/P/01 DT:07/01/17 (Commercial circular No.11/2017)

Checking of tickets during night time in reserved coaches

DCC 15

RB NO.2011/TG-1/20/P/2 DT:31/01/2017 (Commercial circular No.14/2017)

Facility of change of name on  concessional tickets.

DCC 16

RB No.TC-I/2015/104/5 of 03.02.17 (Rate Circular No.2/17)

Issue of Raiwlay Receipt (RR) under conventuional mode of payment

DCC 17

RB NO.TCR/1017/2017/01 dt:03.02.17 (Corrigndum No.4 of Rate Circular 14/7/2016)

Policy guidelines - Transportation product - Block Rake, Mini Rake (convered wagons) Tow Point rake (convert wagons) Multi Point rake (covered wagons) etc.

DCC 18

RB NO.TC-1/2015/104/5 dt: 03.02.17

Guidelines for elctronic paymnet system.

DCC 19

CCM/UBL NO.C.57/Stn.coll/BR/General/2016 dt: 18.01.17

Excess amount paid as lump-sum deposit through Demand Drafts towards freight beyond the amount mentioned in Railway Receipt - Refund thereof

DCC 20

Railway Board NO.TC-I/2012/214-1 pt. of dt: 03.02.2017

Service Tax certificate for transportation of godds by Rail (STTG certificate)

DCC 21

RB No.TC-i/2015/108/8 pt of 09.2.2017

Integration of weighbridge with FIOS

DCC 22

RB NO.TCR/1078/2007/22 DT:07.02.2017 (ADDENDUM TO RATES CIRCULAR No.06/16)

Movement of HSD Oil in BTPN rakes from Numaligarh Refinery Siding (NRSR) to Parbatipur, Bangladesh vuia radhikapur Bird route.

DCC 23

CCM/UBL LETTER No.C.441/Transhipment/JPO/2017 dt:10.02.2017

Procedural order 01/2017 for booking  and loading of parcels with one transhipment at enroute station failing within South Western Railway to optimize the parcel earnings.

DCC 24

R B No.TCR/1099/2016/03 dt:13.02.2017 (Rates Circular No.03/2017)

Inflation in distance for charge between Bibinagar to Nndikude Section of Guntur division of South Central Railway.

DCC 25

CCM/UBL letter No.C.125/Ex-gratio/policy/2017 dt:09.1.2017

Gazette notification regarding doubling of existing rate of  compensation both in case  of death and injuries to the passengers involved in accidents  and untoward incidents as defined in section 124 and 124-A of Rly Act 1989

DCC 26

B/C.57/Doorstep Banking/2017

Increse of frequency of handling over of covers containing the CR Notes and its relavant vouchers on daily bais instead of present arrangement of handing over the covers to M/S. Radiant cash management systems on Daily/weekly/fortnight/monthly basis by the stations over SBC divisions -Reg.

DCC 27

Railway Board NO.TC-I/2016/304/2 dt: 17.02.17

Post facto approval for opening of Dharmora stations goods shed.

DCC 28

Raiwlay Board No.TCII/2046/2006/1 dt: 28.08.2008(FM 13/2008)

Rationalisation of rates for parcel traffic

DCC 29

SR.AFA(T)/sbc letter No.A.TA/SBC/MPA & PRS/Dist vetting dt: 13.02.2017

Interdistance between Nelamangala (NMGA) to shravanabelagola (SBGA)  New BG new on SBC Division.

DCC 30

1) Sr.DCM/SBC letter NO.B/C.210/Halt/Chinnakote/BWT-MKM dt:22.02.2017 (CC 17/2017)

1) opening of New Halt station chinnakotte (CNKH) situated between Bangarpet (BWT) and coromandal (COL) stations over Bengaluru division, South Western Railway.


2) CCM/UBL No.C.206/TL/15-16 Vol.XII dt:16.02.2017

opening of kabakaputtur(KBPR) staion for handling RMC traffic.


3)CAO/CN/BNC letter NO.W.347/NL/CN/BNC/GIN-RC dt:06.02.2017

Operation of Budhagumpa Jabalgudda & Chickkebenakal stations between Ginigera - Chickkebenakal stations as Halt stations


4) CCM/UBL NO.C.297/LDT/JDT/2017 dt:20.02.2017

Inter distance between Kalyanadurga to Kadiredevarapalli New BG Single line


5) CCM/UBL no.C.206/TL/15-16 VolXII dt:16.02.2017

Opening of LONDA (LD) Wandal (WDL) and Somalapuram (SLM) stations for handling RMC traffic

DCC 31

Railway Board letter NO.TC-I/2015/223/1 dt:22.02.2017

Notified stations.

DCC 32

RB No.TCII/2910/17/Antyodaya Express dt:24.2.17

Fare structure of Antyodaya Express train.


RB NO.TC/II/2016/201/5 pt dt:28.02.2017

Development of Software for details of goodsheds/stations and e-payment customers in FOIS

DCC 34


NON-Leavy of service tax on booking of postal mail or mail bags by postal Dept


RB NO.2007/TC-I/302/1 PT.B DT:07.03.2017

operation of container trains by private container operator (PCO) in Railway owned terminals.

DCC 36

RB NO.TCR/1078/2015/17 DT: 07.03.2017, Corrignedum NO.18 to Rate Circular NO.8 of 2015.

Adjustament in Base freight rates - classification of commodities.

DCC 37

RB  No.TCR/1055/95/1 dt:08.03.2017(Rates Circular no.8/2017)

Revision of rates on Mumbai Trust Railway.

DCC 38

Office Memoredum rly.brd no.TCR/1055/95/1 dt: 08.03.2017

Revsion ofcharges payable to tuticorin Port Trust Railway.

DCC 39

R B NO.TCR/1055/95/1 dt: 08.03.2017

Revision of Haulage chrges payable to Port Trusts.

DCC 40

R.B.NO.TCR/1017/2017/02 DT:08.03.2017 CORRIGENDUM NO.06 OF Rate Master circular No.2016 dt: 14.07.2016

Policy guidelines - Transportation product - Block Rake, Mini Rake (convered wagons) Tow Point rake (convert wagons) Multi Point rake (covered wagons) etc.

DCC 41


Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes



Procedure regarding accounting of revenue of PRS and UTS tickets/Parcel/Goods for which payment has been made through POS

DCC 43

CCM/UNL NO.C.518/22693-94/SBC-NZM/FREEZING/DIVERSION/2016-17 DT: 03.03.2017

Freezing of reservation of Train No.22693-22694 SBC-NZM-SBC Rajdhani express

DCC 44

B/C.NO.565/IZZAT MST/2017 OF 15.03.2016

Measures to combat misuse of Izzat Scheme

DCC 45


Increse in stoppage time for loading/unloading of parcels.

DCC 46

R.B NO.TCR/1543/2009/1 DT: 17.03.2017

Rates of Terminal charges to be collected by port trust Rawialys from customers.

DCC 47

R.B.NO.2013/TG-III/600/19 DT: 15.03.2017

Judgement delivered by Honble supreme court on 29.01.16 in civil cppeal No.618-620/2016

DCC 48


change in jurisdiction of sbc and mys divisions of new allotement of 8 digit numerical code.

DCC 49


1) Allotment of 08 digit Numerical code & Alpha


2) CCM/UBL NO.C.490/KUDGI 4000 MW/STPP/KPCL/2015-16 DT: 09.03.2017

2) Opening of Private siding for M/S. Kudgi STPP-NTPC siding  over Hubballi division for traffic.

DCC 50


Charging of Parcel (non- leased) & luggage traffic by mail express train.

DCC 51

R.B.NO.2007/TC-I/302/I PT.B DT: 07.03.2017(RATES CIRCULAR NO.6 OF 2017)

operation of container trains by private container operator (PCO) in Railway owned terminals.

DCC 52

R.B.NO.TCR/2201/2004/1 OF 21.03.2017

Revision of rates of miscellaneous charges

DCC 53

R.B.NO.TCR/1078/2015/24 OF 21.03.2017

classification of iron ore

DCC 54

R.B.NO.TCR/1078/2014/27 DT:24.03.2017 (RATES CIRCUALR NO.13 OF 2017)

congestion surcharge on goods traffic originating from ports.

DCC 55

R.B.NO.TC-I/2016/108/2 OF 28.03.2017

Guidelines for preparation of RR's for the rake loaded on 31st march 17

DCC 56

R.B.NO. TC-I/2005/108/3-PT.III  OF 22.03.2017

guidelibnes regarding provision installation and functioning of weigh bridges

DCC 57

R.B.NO.TC-I/2015/201/1 DT: 27.03.2017

free time of loading/ unloading of covered wagons.

DCC 58

R.B.NO.TCR/2015/1078/07 OF 30.03.2017

Adjustmnet in base freigh rates-classification of commodities

DCC 59

R.B.NO.2016/TG-I/23/YTSK/SUGGESTIONS DT:16.03.2017(CC73/17)

Acceptance of Railway dues/receipts through RTGS/NEFT- Procedure regarding transfer of funds by YTSK to railway account

DCC 60

R.BNO.TCR/1078/2008/11 PT:DT:30.03.2017 (CORREGENDUM NO.2 OF Rates circualr 23/2015)

Levy of congestion surcharge for traffic bokked to bangladesh.

DCC 61

R.B.NO.NO.TC-I/2014/302/2 OF 30.03.2017

Container Rail Terminal(CRT), container class RATe(CCR) and hub & Spoke system of charging

DCC 62

R.B.NO.TCR/1078/2016/14 OF DT:30.03.2017

long term tariff contract(LTTC) with key custemenrs usng pre-determined price escalation principle

DCC 63

R.B.NO.TCR/1078/2016/05 OF 31.03.2017

Adjustment in Base Rates for short lead goods traffic

DCC 64

R.B.NO.TCR/1078/2015/05 PT.I DT: 30.03.2017 (CORREGENDUM NO.2 TO RC.29/2016)

Liberalised automatic Freight Rebate scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional Empty flow directions(TEFD)

DCC 65


Revison of freight charges for trasnporttion of all animals including wild animals & birds in parcel Van and Break vans.

DCC 66


Transportation of fruits and vegetables including mango traffic etc in parcel rakes composition of Rakes.

DCC 67

R.B.NO.TCII/2364/10/HAULAGE CHARGES DT: 31.03.2017 (fm no.4/17)

Haulagae charges for period traffic

DCC 68

R.B.NO.TCII/2046/2012/3/SERVICE TAX DT: 01.02.2017

Non-levy of service tax on booking of postal mail or mail bags by Postal department

DCC 69

R.B.NO.2007/TC4/302/I PT.H DT: 10.04.2017

Container Class Rate (CCR) and Hub & spoke system of charging.

DCC 70

R.B.NO. 2007/TC-I/302/I PT.II DT: 10.04.2017 (CORRIGENDUM OF Rates master Circualr CRT-CCR-HUB & SPOKE 2015/0

Container Rail Terminal(CRT), container class RATe(CCR) and hub & Spoke system of charging

DCC 71

SR.AFA(T)/sbc letter No.A.TA/SBC/MPA & PRS/Dist vetting dt: 09.03.2017

Interdistance between Bagalkot to Kajjidoni New BG line.

DCC 72

CCM/UBL NO.C.518/TIME TABLE/SRTT/2016-17 DT: 24.03.2017

Validity of Existing Time Table October-2016 issue.

DCC 73


Change in jurisdiction of sbc and mys divisions Hassan (HAS) - Shravanabelagola(SBGA) section

DCC 74

CCM/UBL CC NO.14/2017 LETTER NO.297/LDT/JDT/2017 DT: 20.02.2017

Opening of newly constructed BG Line from Kalyanadurga(KYND) station to Kadiridevarapalli(KRYP) station [Part of Rayadurga(RDG) Tumkuru(TK)] new line project in hubballi division of SWR/Coaching traffic.

DCC 75


Opening of Nelamangala (NMGA)- Shravanabelagola (SBGA) [Part of Hassan(HAS)-Bengaluru(SBC) section] of coaching traffic.

DCC 76

1) CCM/UBL NO.C.143/NEW SECTION/GIN-RC/2017 DT: 30.03.2017

 Opening of Ginigera(GIN) -Chikkabenakal(CKBK) [part of ginigera (GIN) Raichur (RC) section] coaching traffic.


2) CCM/UBL LETTER NO.C.206/TL/15-16/VOL-XIII DT: 30.03.2017

Opening of Bennihalli (BEHI), Harpanahalli(HPHI) and Telgi (TLGI) sttions for ballast loading for handlingoutward traffic.

DCC 77

R.B.NO.2002/TG-V/03/02 DT: 17.02.2017 (cc NO.18/2017)

Extension of Magisterial Scheme for check and prevention of ticketless travel.

DCC 78

B/C.57/CASH REMITTANCE/2017 DT: 13.04.2017

General Instructions -Procedure to be adopted for cash remittance -reg

DCC 79

R.B.NO.TCII/2642/2002/MILK OF 12/04/2017 (Freight Marketting circualr NO. 06/2017)

Haulage charges recoverable for movemnet of mIlk traffic in Railway Milk Tankers (RMT) owned by private parties.

dcc 80

R.B.NO.TC-I/2016/201/1 dt: 17.04.2017

Uniform working hours and business hours for railway goods sheds/sidings-Incentive for extended working hours and immediate removal of goods.

DCC 81

R.B.NO.2012/TOURISM/450/1 DT: 13.04.2017 (cc 26/2017)

Bharat Darshan Trains/Aastha circuit Trains.

DCC 82

R.B.NO.TC-I/2016/103/1 DT: 20.04.2017, ADDENDUM TO Rate Master Circular /CRT/CCR-HUB & SPOKE/2015/0)

Issue of Multiple RRS for a Single Container trains


R.B.NO.TCR/1394/2017/02 DT:19.04.2017 (CORREGENDUM NO.9 TO rmc/pcc/2015/0)

Permissible Carrying Capacity of "BFNS 22.9" wagons (maximum Axle load 22.9T)

DCC 84

R.B.NO.TCR/1078/2015/05 PT; DT:26.04.2017 (ADDEMDUM TO RATE CIRCULAR NO.27/2016)

Freight incentive scheme for loading Bagged consignment in open and flat wagons.

DCC 85

R.B.NO.2016/TG-III/631/4 DT: 21.04.2017 (Commercial circular no.27/2017)

Promotion of digital and cashless Transaction Provision of 5% discount for digital payment of catering services on Indian Railways

DCC 86

CCM/UBL No.206/Parcel Policy/swr/vol.III dt: 11.04.2017

Restriction for booking of hard parcels to PURI due to Car Festival.

DCC 87

R.B.NO.TC-I/2015/8/2 DT: 11.05.2017

Conveyance of explosives and other dangerous goods by rail.

DCC 88

CCM/UBL no.C.568/tkt.chg/policy corres/vol.IX/16 dt: 03.05.2017

Video conference of Hon'ble Minister for raiwlays with DGPs of all states and union tTerrotories was held on 27.02.2017 at Rawilays Board, new delhi.

DCC 89

CCM/UBL no.C.518/Prevention of Fruad/UTS/PRS/2017-18 dt: 26.04.2017

Embezzlment of Raiwlay Cash at stations

DCC 90

RB NO.TC-I/2002/214/5 dt: 16.05.2017 (RC 16/2017)

All india Engine Hour Cost(AIEHC) for recovery of Siding and Shunting charges

DCC 91

RB NO.2016/TC(FM)/10/17 dt: 05.05.2017

Amendment to policy for Parcel CARgo Express Trains to Private operators

DCC 92

CCM/UBL no.C.518/Comml Circular/2017 dt: 03.05.2017

No berths option for child passenger and minimum distance for charge in such cases

DCC 93

CCM/UBL no.C.170/Concession policy/2017 of 11.05.2017(Commercial Circular Coaching  No.38/2017)

Provision of travel concession to patients when travelling in Jan Shatabdi Express.

DCC 94

1) CCM/UBL NO.C.490/siding/2017 dt: 13.04.2017

Open for outward and inward booking ofRMC


2)CCM/UBL No.C.478/Opening of goods traffic/2017 dt: 09.05.2017

Permanent opening of Pinargaria Goods shed of Howrah division.

DCC 95

1) RB NO.Freight Marketing circular NO.24 of 2013 vide letter NO.TC-II/2046/2012/4 dt: 21.10.2013                                                                          2) CCM/UBL NO> C.206/Parcel/Rationalization/2017-18 of 22.05.2017

Classification of trains for the purpose of charging freight for parcel and luggage traffic w.e.f.01.06.2017

DCC 96

RB NO.TCR/1015/2015, dt: 23.05.2017

Rates for Automabile traffic carries on NMG/BCCNR and BCACM wagons.

DCC 97

Rly Board NO.2007/TC-I/302/1 Pt.B dt: 20.01.2017

Notifying Group-I & II stations for handling container traffic.

DCC 98

Rly Board NO.2016/TC-I/104/2 Pt. dt: 01.06.17


DCC 99

CCM/UBL NO.C.415/PRIVATECASH/2017 DT:22.05.17 (Commercial Ciracular 32/17 of 17.05.2017)

Declaration of Private cash by staff before taking up duty.

DCC 100

CCM/UBL NO.C.384/LOSS OF PASS/15 DT:25.05.2017

loss of pass - reg

DCC 101

RB NO.TC-I/2014/108/4 DT: 09.06.17

Weighment of rakes on EIMWBs

DCC 102

RB NO.2011/TG-I/20/P/ID DT:23.05.2017

Accepting e-Aadhaar as one of the Prescribed proof of identity.

DCC 103


Additional Loading points for the LWIS rake procured under LWIS Scheme in favour of M/S.Ultratech Cements Ltd.,

DCC 104


Closure of Kotegangur(KGH) and Dudda(DUH) halt stationsof Mysusru division SW Rly.

DCC 105

Rly brd no.2015/tg-v/12/3 of 08.06.17

Revision of Duty list of Train copnductors in 1AC,2AV,3AC and Ist class.

DCC 106


Procedure order for maintainance of Daily Transaction cash Book(DTCB) at Stations.

DCC 107

CONTAINER CLASS RATE - RLY Board No. TC-I/2014/302/2 dt: 19.06.17(corrigendum 10 to Rates master Circular /CRT-CCR-Hub & Spoke/2015/0

Container Class Rate (CCR) and Hub & spoke system of charging.

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 28-06-2017  

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