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About Us


       Safety organization sensitizes all concerned departments on safety related issues, oversee all Safety matters, identify Safety related susceptibilities and vulnerabilities, establish effective response mechanism to handle situations arising out of untoward incidents.

Safety Branch, Bengaluru Division is making continuous effort to improve safety indices by way of

ØCounselling of Staff.

ØInspections at Stations, Yards, cabins, Crew booking depots, Running Rooms, pitlines, Brakevan, ART/MRV etc

ØNight Inspections – Programme nominating all BOs and Supervisors.

ØSafety Seminars

ØShunting Melas

ØSuper Checks to detect system deficiencies.

ØSafety Drives ( HQrs & Divisional level )

ØAmbush Checks to check the alertness of Staff.

ØSafety Campaigns at manned and unmanned level crossings to educate Road users on hazards of crossing LCs without caution.

ØSurprise Breathanylizer test.

ØMock drills to check the alertness of staff.

ØMonitoring and ensure staff are trained in Refresher Course and attend Periodical Medical Examination as and when they are due.

There is substantial reduction in consequential train accidents when compared to previous years. There are no Train Accidents in the current year which makes Safety performance satisfactory

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Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 18-09-2017