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The main activities of Mysore Workshop are:

  • POH of AC Coaches andNon AC Coaches

  • IOH of AC and Non AC coaches

  • Shop Schedule 1 (18 months), SS 2 (36 months),SS 3 (72 months) attention of LHB Coaches

  • Repair and return of the following for divisions:

                    Distributor Valves (DVs)

            Brake cylinders

            Shock Absorbers

            ICF Wheels for Divisions

            Supply of EMU and MEMU wheel sets to BEML

            Tyre turning of wheel sets for BEML

            Loco wheels( ALCO and EMD) and wagon wheels

            LHB wheels for SBC division

The other activities of Mysore Workshop are:

  • Maintenance of Machinery and plant of Mysore Division, Bangalore Division and KJM Shed

  • Manufacturing of assorted components for divisions

  • Certification of safety wire ropes of Mysore division, Bangalore division and KJM shed

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 29-11-2017