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SIGNALLING  ACHIEVEMENTS for the Financial Year 2017-18


  1. New PI/EI provided at 10 Stations against the target of 17 stations.

  2. Modification carried out at 11 PI/EI stations.

  3. Doubling commissioned between Shivathan – Londa -Tinaighat & Minchnal-Nimbal-Indi Road - Lachyan sections of Hubballi Division.

  4. IBS commissioned at Shrirangapattana between Pandavapura-Naganahalli sections of Bengaluru Division.

  5. 2 LC Gates are interlocked against target of 2.

  6. 17 interlocked LC Gates have been closed.

  7. Telephones have been provided for 19 Engg. LC gates which are newly converted as manned.

  8. Sliding booms have been commissioned for 26 Traffic interlocked LC gates against the target of 20.

  9. HASSDAC commissioned in 10 sections against the target of 10 and SSDAC has been upgraded to HASSDAC in 9 sections.

  10. Standard of Interlocking has been upgraded from STD I to Std II (R) at 3 stations.

  11. IPS has been provided at 12 stations.

  12. Final grants of 46.61Cr. has been fully utilized.

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 30-05-2018