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Railway Minister has given directions for “comprehensive training programme” for all employees of Indian Railways to boost productivity & efficiency. This comprehensive training programme is being launched under the name “Project Saksham”. The week-long training in skills and domain knowledge will be imparted to all the employees of Indian Railways. The focus of all such training is to ‘make a difference’ to the job performance, as it willhelp boost productivity and efficiency. 

It has been emphasized that while continuous learning and education/training has been an integral philosophy and approach of the Railways, there is a need to do a concentrated capsule of training for all employees in a short period of time to boost their productivity and efficiency. This training programme will fulfill this need. 

With growing rail network, new trains, different high quality services designed by the railways and the promise of the government to deliver superior and safe rail services and growing expectation of our passengers and commuters for better amenities and services, it is imperative that the railway employees rise to the occasion to deliver on the promise. Employees can and do deliver only when they have the right skills, knowledge and the mindset to deliver to the new standards of excellence that the organization hold from them all. This training will help achieve these objectives. 

This training shall be a five-day on the job training or as classroom training in Railway Training Centre depending on the nature of training. However, the reporting managers of all employees receiving training need to be actively involved in the Pre-training and post training process to ensure that the benefits of training get reflected on the job performance and there is improvement within a short time after the training is imparted.

This training will not only upgrade skill of each of the employees but also go a long-way in improving the performance of the Indian Railways. 

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 04-01-2018