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  • Travel always with less luggage to be more comfortable. Any excess luggage can be booked in the luggage van.
  • Make it convenient to do advanced reservation when your journey is of longer duration. Reservation can now be done 90 days in advance.
  • Do not travel on the foot board or roof of the train or lean out of the compartment.
  • Do not try to entrain or detrain when the train is in motion.
  • Secure your luggage in the compartment by chaining the same to the hooks provided.
  • During exigencies utilize emergency exit provided in the compartment. Break the glass pane with the hammer provided, remove the latch, open the window and leap out.
  • In case there is no hammer provided utilize any sharp object to break the glass.
  • Fire extinguishers are provided in AC coaches to contain fire on train.
  • Keep the door of the compartment closed during night.
  • Do not carry any inflammable article or crackers in compartment nor try to light them up in compartment.
  • Do not light sigri or stove in compartments.
  • Do not accept any food or beverages offered by strangers or co- passengers unless you are familiar with them.
  • Any unclaimed luggage or suit case if found in the compartment or railway premises, no effort shall be made to open them or handle them but advise RPF/TTE/GRP or any other railway official.
  • Do not encourage unauthorized passengers and beggars in reserved compartment.
  • Suspicious movements or action by any body if noticed shall be brought to the notice of the RPF/GRP or any other railway official.
  • Carry one pen torch during night journey which may prove helpful in emergencies.

  • Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 12-02-2011