ࡱ> RTQ[ bjbj 4@ΐΐ 284S+f(*******$,"/<***xxx*x*xx()Df)**0+%)^/$T^/())^/)x**x+^/ : 9SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY PROJECT SAKSHAM VIGILANCE BRANCH (Ref : CRBs letter E (MPP)/2017/3/25 dated 30/10/2017) Training Need Assessment: 5 Broad category of target Groups have been identified, covering all the employees of vigilance branch. Areas of training assessed are indicated each target group wise as under: CVIs: IRVM, IRVIN, investigation skills & techniques, analytical ability of filtering facts & drawing conclusions, conduction of PC, report writing, DAR, intricacies of inquiry process, concepts of confidentiality, fairness & dealing with pressures, special areas like forensic exposure, exposure to E transactions, exposure to railway software & data mining. Technique / strategies for - Ambush Check / Trap, of extracting information, method of identifying &developing Sources -for Information on malpractices, preparation of Questionnaire, documentation and record perseverations for substantiating charges. Office Staff: Office management, File management, notings and drafting, establishment work, computer usage, confidentiality. Support Staff (Gr D & others): Office Protocol, assistance, etiquettes and usage of office tools & equipment. Enquiry wing: DAR, how to conduct enquiry, latest legal provisions, inquiry report writing. [ Officers: IRVIN, IRVM, DAR, analytical abilities, broad idea of all areas of CVIs & enquiry wing, case studies, special exposure in vigilance & investigations. Schedule of Training for 2018 Area /Subjects Tentative scheduleTarget Group DAR & InquiryJAN18CVIs, Enquiry wing & OfficersInvestigation skillsFeb18CVIs File Mgmt, Office worksMar18Office staff, support staffOffice protocolsApril18Support staffIRVMApril 18CVIs & Officers, staffIRVIN May18CVIs & OfficersConduct of PCJune18CVIsWriting reports July18CVIs & Enquiry wingE FraudsAug 18CVIs & OfficersForensic exposureSept18CVIs & OfficersSpecial courses on vigilance Jan- Sept18 (6 courses)courses for Officer Modus Operandi: Each session, to have focused objective (s). Courses through Railway Board/RSC/Others Faculty could internal/external or just a group brainstorming. Courses would range from half a day to 3 days. Metrics for assessing Impact: Initially it would be through employees feedback, Superiors feedback. 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