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Press Release No. 26728-03-2019
Press Release No. 267, Summer Special Trains


                                                                    SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY

                                      Press Release No. 267  Dt. 28.03.2019




            Railway has decided to run Train No. 82653/82654, Yesvantpur- Jaipur - Yesvantpur Weekly Suvidha Superfast Express Special with effect from 04th April, 2019 from Yesvantpur and 06th April, 2019 from Jaipur.

Train No. 82653, Yesvantpur- Jaipur Weekly Suvidha Superfast ExpressSpecial departs Yesvantpur at 11:30 hrs. o­n every Thursday from 04th April, 2019 to 27th June, 2019 (Total 13 trips) and reaches Jaipur at 06:35 hrs. on respective Saturdays.

Enroute, the train arrives/departs Tumakuru at 12:28/12:30 hrs., Arsikere at 13:30/13:35 hrs., Birur at 14:09/14:10 hrs., Chikjajur at 14:57/14:58 hrs., Chitradurga at 15:44/15:45 hrs., Ballari  at 18:53/18:55 hrs.,  Guntakal  at 20:02/20:10 hrs.,  Mantralayam Road at 21:20/21:30 hrs.,  Raichur  at 21:58/22:00 hrs.,  Yadgir  at 22:58/23:00 hrs.,  and o­n Friday arrives/departs Wadi  at 00:30/00:45 hrs.,  Gulbarga  at 01:06/01:08 hrs., Solapur at 03:50/04:00 hrs., Pune  at 07:50/07:55 hrs., Panvel at 10:37/10:40 hrs., Vasai Road at 12:10/12:20 hrs., Surat  at 15:25/15:30 hrs., Vadodara  at 17:13/17:23 hrs., Ratlam  at 21:05/21:10 hrs., Mandsar  at 22:40/22:50 hrs., and o­n Saturday arrives/departs Chitaurgarh  at 00:50/01:00 hrs., Bhilwara  at 02:00/02:02 hrs., Ajmer  at 04:20/04:30 hrs.

Train No. 82654, Jaipur - YesvantpurWeekly Suvidha Superfast Express Special departs Jaipur at 22:15 hrs. o­n every Saturday from 06thApril, 2019 to 29th June, 2019 (Total 13 trips) and reaches Yesvantpur at 18:25 hrs. on respective Mondays.  

Enroute, o­n Sunday the train arrives/departs Ajmer  at 00:15/00:25 hrs. Bhilwara  at 02:13/02:15 hrs., Chitaurgarh  at 03:40/03:50 hrs., Mandsar  at 05:18/05:20 hrs., Ratlam  at 07:25/07:30 hrs., Vadodara  at 11:41/11:51 hrs., Surat  at 13:53/13:58 hrs., Vasai Road at 16:50/17:05 hrs., Panvel at 18:30/18:33 hrs., Pune  at 21:05/21:10 hrs. and o­n Monday arrives/departs Solapur at 01:40/01:50 hrs., Gulbarga  at 03:55/03:57 hrs., Wadi  at 04:40/04:45 hrs.,  Yadgir  at 05:14/05:15 hrs.,  Raichur  at 06:13/06:15 hrs.,  Mantralayam Road at 06:38/06:40 hrs., Guntakal  at 08:15/08:20 hrs.,  Ballari  at 09:43/09:45 hrs.,  Chitradurga at 12:00/12:01 hrs. Chikjajur at 12:35/12:36 hrs., Birur at 13:59/14:00 hrs., Arsikere at 14:40/14:45 hrs., Tumakuru at 16:18/16:20 hrs.

The train Composition will have TWO AC 2-tier coach, FOUR AC 3-tier coaches, TENSecond Class sleeper coaches, ONEPantry Car and TWO Luggage-cum-brakevan with Generator.




Railway has decided to run Train No. 06521/06522 Yesvantpur - Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra - Yesvantpur Weekly Superfast Express Special with Special Fare with effect from 04th April, 2019 from Yesvantpur and 08th April, 2019 from Hazrat Nizamuddin.

Train No. 06521 Yesvantpur - Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Weekly Superfast Express Special with Special Faredeparts Yesvantpur at 06:30 hrs. o­n every Thursday from 04thApril, 2019 to 20th June, 2019 (Total 12 trips) and reaches Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra at 04:00 hrs. on respective Saturdays.

Enroute, the train arrives/departs Yelahanka at 06:53/06:55 hrs., Chikaballapur at 07:48/07:50 hrs., Sidlaghatta at 08:09/08:10 hrs., Chintamani at 08:29/08:30 hrs., Srinivaspur at 08:49/08:50 hrs., Kolar at 09:23/09:25 hrs., Bangarapet at 10:00/10:25 hrs., Jolarpettai at 12:05/12:10 hrs., Katpadi at 13:13/13:15 hrs., Renigunta at 15:30/15:40 hrs., Gudur at 17:23/17:25 hrs., Vijayawada at 21:50/22:00 hrs., and o­n Friday arrives/departs Warangal at 00:53/00:55 hrs., Balharshah at 05:40/05:50 hrs., Chandrapur at 06:28/06:29 hrs., Nagpur at 10:20/10:25 hrs., Itarasi at 16:40/16:42 hrs., Bhopal at 18:15/18:25 hrs., Jhansi at 22:05/22:10 hrs. and o­n Saturday arrives/departs Agra Cantt. at 00:38/00:40 hrs., Hazrat Nizamuddin at 03:48/03:50 hrs., New Delhi at 04:25/04:40 hrs., Umbala Cantt. at 09:30/09:35 hrs., Ludhiana Jn at 11:40/11:50 hrs., Jalandhar Cantt. at 12:45/12:50 hrs., Pathankot Cantt. at 14:30/14:35 hrs., Jammu Tawi at 16:55/17:05 hrs., Udhampur at 18:08/18:10 hrs.

Train No. 06522 Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra - Yesvantpur Weekly Superfast Express Special with Special Faredeparts Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra at 05:40 hrs. o­n every Monday from 08thApril, 2019 to 24th June, 2019 (Total 12 trips) and reaches Yesvantpur at 15:00 hrs. on respective Wednesdays.   

Enroute, the train arrives/departs Udhampur at 06:08/06:10 hrs. Jammu Tawi at 07:15/07:25 hrs., Pathankot Cantt. at 09:35/09:40 hrs., Jalandhar Cantt. at 12:13/12:15 hrs., Ludhiana Jn at 13:00/13:10 hrs., Umbala Cantt. at 15:15/15:20 hrs., New Delhi at 19:20/19:35 hrs., Agra Cantt. at 22:18/22:20 hrs. and o­n Tuesday arrives/departs Jhansi at 01:10/01:15 hrs., Bhopal at 05:00/05:10 hrs., Itarasi at 06:48/06:50 hrs., Nagpur at 11:05/11:10 hrs., Chandrapur at 13:59/14:00 hrs., Balharshah at 15:00/15:10 hrs., Warangal at 18:31/18:32 hrs., Vijayawada at 23:30/23:40 hrs. and o­n Wednesday arrives/departs Gudur at 04:13/04:15 hrs., Renigunta at 05:50/06:00 hrs., Katpadi at 08:32/08:34 hrs., Jolarpettai at 09:55/10:00 hrs., Bangarapet at 11:15/11:20 hrs., Kolar at 11:50/11:55 hrs., Srinivaspur at 12:18/12:20 hrs., Chintamani at 12:38/12:40 hrs., Sidlaghatta at 12:58/13:00 hrs., Chikaballapur at 13:18/13:20 hrs., Yelahanka at 14:15/14:20 hrs.,    

            The train Composition will have ONE AC 2-tier coach, THREE AC 3-tier coaches, SIXSecond Class sleeper coaches, TWOSecond Class Coaches and TWO Luggage-cum-brakevan with disabled friendly compartment.



                  Railway has decided to run Train No. 06919/06920 Hubballi - Vijayapura - Hubballi Daily Passenger Specialwith effect from 01stApril, 2019 to 30th June, 2019 from both ends (Total 182 Trips).

Train No. 06919 Hubballi - Vijayapura Daily Passenger Special departs Hubballi at 06:25 hrs. and reaches Vijayapura at 13:00 hrs.   Enroute, the train arrives/departs Sisvinahalli at 06:51/06:52 hrs., Annigeri at 07:07/07:08 hrs., Hulkoti at 07:17/07:18 hrs., Gadag at 07:50/08:00 hrs., Hombal at 08:17/08:18 hrs., Balgannur at 08:29/08:30 hrs., Mallapur at 08:39/08:40 hrs., Hole-Alur at 09:01/09:02 hrs., Lakmapur at 09:11/09:12 hrs., Badami at 09:23/09:25 hrs., Guledagudda Road at 09:49/09:50 hrs., Bagalkot at 10:18/10:20 hrs., Mugalolli at 10:34/10:35 hrs., Jadramakunte at 10:49/10:50 hrs., Almatti at 11:18/11:20 hrs., Wandal at 11:29/11:30 hrs., Basavana Bagewadi Rd at 11:43/11:45 hrs., Mulvad at 11:58/12:00 hrs., Ibrahimpur at 12:24/12:25 hrs.

Train No. 06920 Vijayapura - Hubballi Daily Passenger Special departs Vijayapura at 13:30 hrs. and reaches Hubballi at 20:20 hrs.   Enroute, the train arrives/departs Ibrahimpur at 13:36/13:37 hrs., Mulvad at 13:59/14:00 hrs., Basavana Bagewadi Rd at 14:18/14:20 hrs., Wandal at 14:31/14:32 hrs., Almatti at 14:55/14:56 hrs., Jadramakunte at 15:07/15:08 hrs., Mugalolli at 15:22/15:23 hrs., Bagalkot at 15:42/15:45 hrs., Guledagudda Road at 15:59/16:00 hrs., Badami at 16:18/16:20 hrs., Lakmapur at 16:29/16:30 hrs., Hole-Alur at 16:39/16:40 hrs., Mallapur at 16:59/17:00 hrs., Balgannur at 17:19/17:20 hrs., Hombal at 17:34/17:35 hrs., Gadag at 18:10/18:20 hrs., Hulkoti at 18:49/18:50 hrs., Annigeri at 18:59/19:00 hrs., Sisvinahalli at 19:24/19:25 hrs.,

            The train Composition will have EightSecond Class Coaches and TWO Luggage-cum-brakevan with disabled friendly compartment.

                                                     (E. Vijaya)

                                                         Chief Public Relations Officer

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