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MCDO for the Month of August-2022

(I.) Sustained drives against touting activities in SWR:-


   1.Touting:- During the month under review, Special teams were constituted to workout illegal selling of e-tickets and illegal software by analysis of PRABAL Data. Special teams conducted raids at different Travel Agencies/Agents all over Karnataka and Goa, who were engaged in touting activities and detected 09 cases with arrest of 09 touts under Section 143 of Railways Act and seized 25 Nos of live reserved tickets valued Rs. 47,430/-, 279 No's of used tickets  valued  Rs. 4,47,099/-.


  2. Patrolling by mobile teams (wherever deployed) every hour in vestibule trains:-On an average 40 to 45 Spl/Mail/Exp. trains are escorted by 130 to 135  RPF personnel over SWR. Further, RPF personnel  deployed for escorts are patrolling in trains and interacting with passengers.  Besides, the teams keep watch on passengers carrying safety hazardous articles. 


   3. Meri Saheli:- To ensure maximum safety and security of women passengers on trains, Railways Protection Force (RPF) collects the seat/berth numbers of the single/alone female passengers and shares them with RPF personnel deployed at corresponding stations for their security & safety in en-route.  At the destination, a feedback from the identified passengers is collected for corrective response. Meri Saheli members also help women passengers in availing auto rickshaws, bus services, carrying belongings of elderly and needy passengers. In SWR, presently this operation has been implemented in 31 identified trains and ensure covid protocols are being followed by passengers in a polite manner.


4.Crime control:-

 (Top 5 categories of crime on the Zonal Railway based on average of 3 years and crime against  women).



Description of crime

Cases registered

during     the current month

Cumulative Number during last 3 years 

2020, 2021 & 2022 up to  August-2022)

Action taken


RP(UP) Act



Legal action initiated


Prosecution under Rlys Act



Legal action initiated


Prosecution of unauthorized persons  entry into female coaches



Legal action initiated


Crime against passengers ( High value cases of ToPB, Dacoity, Robbery, Drugging)





Under investigation by concerned GRP (law and order)


Crime against Women passenger i.e  rape, molestation, eve-teasing & harassment of women passengers





Action is being taken by GRP


5.Initiative action by RPF:- 01

a.)   Rail Prahari:-On 21.08.2022, on receipt of   information from Kodakkara Police station, Thirussur Rural, Kerala state that two accused persons involved in their Police station vide FIR No.0576/22 dtd 20.08.2022 u/s 394 of IPC fled away after committing the offence and their location is flashing in the vicinity of KSR Bengaluru Railway Station. In this connection, Shri H.Y.Suresh ASI/SBC-P, Shri Suresh.V. ASI/D&IW/SBC with  team succeeded in spotting the both accused persons near by the general compartment of train No.12295 Ex-SBC-DNR Exp at KSR Bengaluru Railway Station with cash of Rs.1,25,930/- and 02 mobile phones. Further, both the accused persons were handed over to Inspector of Police, Kodakkara under acknowledgment. They highly appreciated the quick response and prompt assistance of RPF department.

b.)    Operation Amanat:-  Recovery of Passengers' belongings by RPF There by safeguarding passengers' belonging from reaching criminal elements: On 46 occasions, RPF personnel recovered leftover items of passengers valued Rs. 21,55,598/-  (approx) and restored to genuine passengers:-





Gold /silver

Electronic items



Total V/Rs.






Power bank, Headphones, Chargers, Pen Drive etc


ATM, Aadhar

cards,  PAN cards, Camera, documents,

clothes,Spectacles, etc.



c.)    Operation Nanhe Farishte (Rescue of children from Railway premises/trains): During the month, 123 runaway children’s i.e. 15 girls and 108 boys were rescued by RPF and handed over to NGO, Parents /relatives and Police.



6.Action against undesirable elements under Railways Act :


(a.) During the month under review, a total of 1932 cases under the provisions of Railways  

Act  are registered with arrest of 1919 accused persons. 

(b.) LC Gate accidents :

No. of incidents


No. of cases registered

No. of persons arrested

No. of personsconvicted

Fine amountrealised (In Rs)

Damage cost collected (In Rs)








(c.) Cable cut cases:-

No. of incidents reported

No. of cases registered

No. of persons arrested

No. of persons convicted

Fine amount realized (In Rs)

Damage cost collected (In Rs)








(d.) Damage of Height Gauge:-

No. of incidents reported

No. of cases registered

No. of persons arrested

No. of persons convicted

Fine amount realized (In Rs)

Damage cost collected (In Rs)








(e.) Operation SATARK (Recovery of Customs/Narcotics/Contraband goods/articles):06            

i.)    Liquor Items: RPF while performing train escort, picketing and platform duties have secured unclaimed 2124 deferent types of liquor bottles and tetra packets, valued Rs. 1,28,141/- and handed over to jurisdictional Inspector of Excise Department.

ii.)   On 02.08.2022, Shri. K.M. Shekar, ASIPF/CW/Bengaluru (SBC), Shri. Suresh.V, ASI/CW/SBC along with staff detained a person and seized 52 packets of Vimal brand Tobacco valued Rs. 6,240/-, 100 Packets of Hans Tobacco valued Rs. 1,200/- and 50 packets of V-1 Tobacco valued Rs. 1,560/-, Total value Rs. 19,800/- at Bengaluru (SBC) Railway station. Further, the above said items along with the detained person were handed over to Commercial Tax Officer Koramangala, Bengaluru for further prosecution.

iii.) On 08.08.2022, Shri. R. Chandraiah, ASIPF/DPJ (Dharampuri)  with staff seized  two unclaimed baggage containing 64 Nos of  Cool lips filtered tobacco packets valued Rs. 9,120/- from B-1 coach of Train No. 17235 Ex. SBC-NCJ express at Dharmapuri  Railway Station. Further, the seized items has handed over to Food safety department, collectorate campus, Dharmapuri on 10.08.2022 for further action.

iv.) On 18.08.2022, Shri. Suresh.V, ASI/CIB/SBC with staff detained a person Mohammed Nadeem, Aged 23 years, of Bengaluru and seized 02 bags containing 9.4 kgs. of Freezed Ganja/Cannabis total valued Rs.9,40,000/- in Train No. 18463 Ex:BBS-SBC Express at Bengaluru Railway station. Further, the said detained person and seized Ganja were handed over to Excise Inspector DC squad BUD-4, Benglauru for further legal action.

v.)  On 24.08.2022,  Shri. R.D. Samudre, PC/BYPL(Byapanahalli) with staff seized two bags in S-6 coach of Train No 12510 Ex. GHY-SMVB Express at Sir. M. Vishveshvarayya Bengaluru Railway station (SMVB) containing 03 bundles of Ganja  weighing 15 Kgs, Valued Rs 15,00,000/-. Further, the said 03 bundles were handed over to  Inspector/Excise, Range -29, Ram Murthy Nagar, Bengaluru, for further legal action.

vi.)  On 26.08.2022, on receipt of reliable source of information regarding the cannabis/Ganjas is being transported in Tr. No.18463 Prashanti Express, special team under the supervision of Shri. Rakesh Kumar, PC/BNC along with staff arrested a person aged 39 years, of Tamil Nadu State and seized  02 luggage bags containing 07 packages of Ganja weighing 6.978 Kgs valued of Rs.6,97,000/- at Bengaluru Cantonment (BNC) Railway Station.  Further, the arrested person along with seized Ganja handed over to Excise Authority who in turn registered a case in their station Cr.No.3/2022-23/3902 Dy.SE/390205 U/s 20(b) (ii) (C),8(C) of NDPS Act 1985.