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यात्रियों की सुख- सुविधाएं
अनुमोदित/पंजीकृत विक्रेता
विलंब-शुल्क/ स्थान-शुल्क की स्थिति
विभिन्न आबंटन संबंधी आवेदनों की स्थिति
सार्वजनिक समय-सारणी
यात्रा नियम
प्रक्रिया और आवेदन पत्र
कैटरिंग सेवाओं पर जानकारी
पंजीकरण फार्म डाउनलोड करें
वाणिज्यिक परिपत्र
जन जागरूकता

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ग्राहक प्रतिबद्धता चार्टर

Customer Commitment Charter


This Charter is a commitment of the Indian Railway Administration to:

1.Provides safe and dependable train services

2.Set notified standards for various services wherever possible

3.Provide courteous and efficient counter services

4.Ensure adequate passenger amenities in train and at railway stations

5.Set up a responsive and effective grievance redressal machinery, at various levels for time bound resolution of complaints and grievances as far as possible.


1.Provision of computerized reservation facilities at selected stations with a workload of 180 reservation related transaction per counter per shift. 

2.Opening of adequate number of counters to ensure reduced waiting time.


1.Opening of ticket booking counters with adequate working hours to facilitate issue of tickets to the public. The working hours will be clearly displayed at the counters


1.As far as possible, refunds would be made across the counter, provided the ticket is surrendered within the specified time limit. Such refunds can be obtained at the coumputerised counters of any station provided it is linked with the ticket issuing station and the ticket is presented within the prescribed limit. 

2.In case of failure of air-conditioning equipment, difference of fare between air-conditioned and non air-conditioned class of travel for the portion traveled without air-conditioning shall be refunded for which a Certificate may be obtained from Guard/TTE. 

3.Station Masters of certain important stations/reservation offices have been granted special discretionary powers to grant refund on used tickets issued from their stations where refund is not admissible at the station due to expiry of the time limits prescribed in the rules. The list of stations, where this facility is available, is published in the respective Zonal Railway Timetable. 

4.In case where refund is not permissible across the counter, the Railway Administration shall provide the passenger with a Ticket Deposit Receipt. Refund as admissible in such cases will ordinarily be settled within 90 days of the submission of the claim.


1.No claim for refund is entertained by Indian Railways in case of lost or misplaced tickets.

2.Refund of fare will be granted in respect of a torn or mutilated ticket if the authenticity is verifiable on the basis of the particulars visible on the face of the ticket.

3.If the ticket is confirmed/RAC, the Railways may permit travel on the same reservation, on payment of charges fixedfrom time to time.


Handy information pamphlets in local languages containing details of different types of concessions to which passengers are eligible and other relevant passenger information will be made available at Book Stalls and Railway Counters on payment of nominal charges.


Information will be given in advance through media for special trains on special occasions


1.Railway Timetables provide information for different trains, computerized Interactive Voice Response System is also available at important stations. 

2.The position of running of trains will be updated regularly and announced on the Public Address System at important stations and also made available on telephone or personal enquiries.


Indian Railways shall provide catering services through mobile,static units and e-catering.


Every effort shall be made to keep railway premises clean and hygienic with provision of safaiwalas. Pay and Use toilets are also available at certain stations.


Basic facilities like booking arrangements, Waiting hall. Benches lighting, drinking water, platform, urinals, shady trees shall be available at all the regular stations. On board a train, lighting and fans, cushioned berths, toilets, reservation charts and destination board will be available. TTEs/Conductors, etc. shall also be available to attend to complaints/grievances.


Railway Administration would ordinarily reply to the complainant within 90 days, where detailed enquiries are not required to be made and within 120 days, in case of complaints where detailed enquiries are warranted.


A Prescribed FIR Form is available in the Timetable or with TTEs/Guards or GRP escort. After filling it up, the Form may be handed over to one of the officials viz., TTE, Guard or GRP escort for registration of the report at the next Police Station.


Co-operation of general public is sought to maintain cleanliness, avoid unnecessary chain pulling, maintain cordial relations with fellow passengers and railway staff coming into their contact, abstain from carrying inflammable items, discourage touts.


1.0 Opening of new Private Sidings/Private Freight Terminals:

Sl. No.


Time limit


Single Window Agency
(to be contacted for progress/ non-compliance)


 In Principle approval

30 days


1.2 (a)

Detailed Project Report (DPR) approval

30 days



Drawings Approval

30 days
 (w/o Bridges)    
60 days 
(with bridges)



 Divisional certification after execution of the works

30 days

Sr.DOM of concerned Division


Signing of Siding agreement

15 days



Notification after certification



2.0 Land licensing:  (Connected with Railway Siding)

Sl. No.


Time limit


Single Window Agency
(to be contacted for progress/ non-compliance)


Land licensing

(Download Check list)


90 days

Sr.DEN/Co-ordination of concerned division.


Allotment of Commercial Plots:

Sl. No.


Time limit


Single Window Agency
(to be contacted for progress/ non-compliance)


Allotment of Commercial Plots (Please see Check list)

75 days

Sr.DCM of concerned division


Way leave proposals:

Sl. No.


Time limit


Single Window Agency
(to be contacted for progress/ non-compliance)


In principle approval of proposal of Division

20 days

ADRM of concerned division

4.2 (i)

Applications under Divisional Powers

Not involving Track crossing

30 days

ADRM of concerned division


Applications under Divisional Powers

 Involving track crossing

45 days

ADRM of concerned division


Applications under Headquarters Powers Not involving CRS sanction

Additional 45 days   over 4.2 (i)



Applications under Headquarters Powers Involving CRS sanction

Additional 60 days  over 4.2 (ii)



5.0 Refunds in Divisional/Chief Commercial Managers' Office::

Sl. No.


Time limit


Single Window Agency
(to be contacted for progress/ non-compliance)


 Coaching Refunds

(Download Coaching Refund form)

45 days after submission of TDR & claim

Dy.CCM/Claims/Bangalore Cantt.


Goods  Refunds

(Download Goods Refund form)

60 days

Dy.CCM/Claims/Bangalore Cantt.

5.3 (a)

Claims for non-delivery of wagons

(Download Form)

60 days

Dy.CCM/Claims/Bangalore Cantt.


Claims for non-delivery of parcels

(Download Form)

60 days

Dy.CCM/Claims/Bangalore Cantt.


Shortage/damage/leading to complaints/open delivery etc.(Submit Form)

45 days

Dy.CCM/Claims/Bangalore Cantt.

6.0 Passenger Ticketing:

Sl. No.


Time limit


Single Window Agency
(to be contacted for progress/ non-compliance)


Unreserved Tickets   

(At Stations where exclusive Counters are provided - After the passenger enters the queue at window)

Wayside stations - 10 min.

Major stations      
 Non-peak time - 10 min.
peak time - 15 min

 Divisional Commercial Control

6.2 (a)

Reserved Tickets:

Reservation and Cancellation (at Stations where exclusive Reservation Counters are provided - After the passenger enters the queue at window)(Download form)

30 min.


Reserved Tickets:

Reservation and Cancellation (at Stations where  Reservation and General tickets are issued from unified Counter -After the passenger enters the queue at window)(Download form)

20 min.

(General tickets will be given priority over PRS tickets during train timings)

 Divisional Commercial Control

7.0 Full Tariff rate (FTR) - Coach or Train booking:

Sl. No.


Time limit

Single Window Agency
(to be contacted for progress/ non-compliance)


APPLICATION FOR Coach / Train Booking on Full Tariff Rate (FTR)

1.  Registration cum Security Deposit & Application:   Not before Six(6) months or not later than  thirty(30) days before commencement of journey.

2. Confirmation:  72 hrs. before commencement of journey.

Dy.COM/Coaching  /SWR          


9.0 Freight Services:

Sl. No.


Time limit


Single Window Agency
(to be contacted for progress/non-compliance)


Registration of Indent
(after filling up forwarding note)
(Download form)

20 min.

 Divisional Commercial Control


(On completion of loading)

(E-Payment Agreement proforma)

20 min.

 Divisional Commercial Control


Supply of Rakes:
(applicable for unrestricted destinations)

Covered  Wagons
To Sidings - 1 week       

To Goodsshed- 2 weeks
Open Wagons
1 week

 Sr.DOM of concerned division

10.0 Time frame for attending complaints on Cleanliness::

Sl. No.

Category of Station

Time taken to attend complaint


Single Window Agency


 A1 & A category stations

15 min

Telephone helpline no. 138 is provided for lodging complaints including complaints on cleanliness of stations & trains respectively. This single window will direct the complaint to the concerned department/ wing.


OBHS trains

20 min


Other trains

Next coaching train examination station after providing reaction time of 20 min.

11.0 Reply of Public Complaints/Grievances::

Railway Administration would ordinarily reply to the complaint within 90 days, where detailed enquires are not required to be made and within 120 days, in case of complaints where detailed enquiries are warranted.  However, the time limit for redressal of complaints received through CPGRAMS is 60 days as fixed by Department of Public Complaints & Public Grievances (DOAR & PG)

12.0 Theft of Luggage::

(i)      A Prescribed FIR Form is available in the Time-Table or with TTEs/Guards and GRP escort.  After filling it up, the Form may be handed over to one of the officials viz. TTE, Guard or GRP escort for registration of the report at the next Police Station.

(ii)       All India Security Helpline No.182 may be called on for all security related assistance.

13.0 Cooperation from Passengers::

In order to ensure good quality service to Passengers, the Indian Railways seeks the co-operation of Rail Users by :-

(i)   Observing Clean and Hygienic behavior at railway stations and on trains, by proper use of facilities.

(ii)   Dealing courteously with fellow passengers and railway staff with whom they come in contact.

(iii)  Maintaining proper queues while waiting for purchases of tickets or at Enquiry counters etc.

(iv)   Abstaining from smoking and drinking in railway premises areas where this is prohibited as a courtesy to fellow passengers.

(v)  Travelling light and booking heavy luggage in the brake-van.

(vi)  Using the Alarm Chain only for good and sufficient reason and assisting the Railway administration in apprehending persons who indulge in improper use of the alarm chain apparatus.

(vii)  Refraining from carrying contraband, inflammable dangerous items in trains.

(viii) Not encouraging unauthorized persons, touts and other unscrupulous elements by purchasing tickets etc.  from them and promptly reporting any such instances to the Railway Authorities.

(ix)   Boarding reserved coaches only if a seat or berth has been allotted in the coach. 

(x)    Refraining from using toilets on board when the train is stationary.

(xi)   Protecting Railway property from any misuse, damage or vandalism and reporting any such cases promptly to the Railway authorities.

(xii)   Refraining from travelling on foot-board or roof top of train.

(xiii)   People should not tress-pass on Railway Tracks.

(xiv)  Security Helpline No.182 may also be used to inform regarding suspected objects/persons on trains/railway premises.

Note to Customers:-

(1) The above time limits are applicable to Railways for delivering various services, provided the customer has fulfilled all the relevant conditions and other pre-requisites for rendering the services.

(2) Above time schedule of delivery of services is an earnest attempt by Railways to comply in delivery of services, keeping the citizen/customers' expectations.  All efforts will be made to deliver the services within the time limits specified in the citizen charter, except for special or unusual reasons and for the reasons beyond the control of Railway administration.

(3) For reporting other deficiencies in service provided by Railways through complaints as well as other suggestions, public may access webpage on the subject 'Public grievances' in  S. W.  Railway website.

Disclaimer:- Above time limits for delivery of services does not confer any right on citizen/customers for legally questioning Railways when there is some failure to deliver services within the prescribed time limits. These time limits are not justiciable.

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