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SNName of the work
ROB commissioned: 9 Nos
1Koppal - Ginigira - ROB in lieu of LC No. 62 and RUB in lieu of LC No. 64 ( At Koppala yard)
2Yelahanka-Rajankunti - ROB with subway in lieu of LC No:21 (Near Rajankunti)
3Londa-miraj section -ROB in lieu of LC No. 438 (Near Raybag yard ) between Raybag-Chinchli stations.
4ROB in lieu of LC No.79 in Hassan- Mysuru Section. (Bet Hole-Narsipur-Mavinakere)
5Dharmapuri - Palakkodu - ROB in lieu of LC No.46 with subway.
6Gadag-Hotgi section - - ROB in lieu of LC No. 81 between Mulvad-Vijayapura stations.
7Hubballi-Londa section - ROB in lieu of LC No. 297 in Dharwad yard
8Hubballi - Kusugal - ROB in lieu of LC No.1 with sub-way.
9Birur-Talaguppa - ROB in lieu of LC No.52 at Km 66/200-300 between Sivamogga -Kumsi stations.
Railway portion completed and approach portion yet to be taken up by Railways/State Govt. :5 Nos.
1Channasandra - Yelahanka - ROB in lieu of LC No.11 with sub-way (Jakkur gate)
2Devangonthi - White field ROB with subway in lieu of LC no:129
3ROB in lieu of LC No. 91 with subway on Kudiyankuppam Road between Somanayakana patti-Jolar pettai stations.
4SBC-JTJ section -ROB in lieu of LC No. 95 with subway between Patchur-Mulanur-
5ROB in lieu of LC No.37 at km 64/200-300 in Kyatsandra station yard
Work in progress: 28 Nos.
1Hosapete-Bellari - ROB in lieu of LC No:102 ( At Kudatini yard )
2Hubballi - Hosapete ROB in Lieu of LC No:32 with subway ( At Gadag yard )
3Malugur-Chakarlapalli - ROB in lieu of LC No. 71 with subway.
4Jolar pettai- SBC section ROB in lieu of LC No. 92 with subway near Somanayakanapatti
5ROB ( 4 lanes ) in lieu of LC No. 227 between Byadgi-Haveri stations.
6ROB in lieu of LC No. 3 (Near Hassan)
7ROB in lieu of LC No:66 @ Km 117/600-700 between Koppala and ginigera stations.
8ROB in lieu of LC No:72 @ Km 126/900-127/000 between Ginigera & Munirabad stations.
9Birur-Talaguppa - ROB in lieu of LC No.34 at Km 47/400-500 between Bhadravati-Sivamogga stations.
10Birur-Talaguppa - ROB in lieu of LC No.49 at Railway Km. 63/900-64/000 between Sivamogga -Kumsi stations.
11Londa-Miraj section - ROB in lieu of LC No. 381 between Desur-Belgavi stations. ( 2 Lanes )
12ROB in lieu of LC No.120 at km 298/100-200 between Maralahalli - Tyakal stations at Tyakal yard

13Hosapete-Bellari- RUB in lieu of LC No. 85 (Between Hosapete- Kariganuru)
14Construction of ROB in lieu of LC No.219 at Km 362/800-900 between Ranebenur to Devaragudda stations

15ROB in lieu of LC No.78 at km 87/800-900 between Holenarsipur-Mavinkere stations at Mavinakere yard

16ROB in lieu of LC No.132 at km 193/300-400 between Karmelaram-Bayyapanahalli stations at Karmelram yard in Salem-yesvantpur section.
17ROB No.431 at km 3.165 between SBC KGI stations - ROB (Rebuilding)
18ROB in lieu of LC No.217 at Km. 359/500-600 .
19Harihar-Hubballi - ROB in lieu of LC No.218 at Km. 362/100-200.
20Construction of ROB in lieu of LC No.267 and LC No.266 at km.433/100-200 in Gudgeri yard on Laxmeshwar-Shiggaon (SH-23) road

21Arsikere-Harihar - ROB in lieu of LC No.184 at Km. 299/000-100.
22Londa-Vasco- ROB in lieu of LC No. 19 (Between Chandargao-Madgaon)
23ROB in lieu of LC No:79 @ Km 137/600-700 between Munirabad and Hospete stations.
24ROB in lieu of LC No.41 at Km. 80/600-700 between Gulledagudda -Bagalkot stations.
25Proposed construction of ROB in lieu of LC No.18 at km 34/700-800
26Londa-Vasco- ROB in lieu of LC No. 25 (Between Majorda-Consaulim)
27Londa-Vasco- ROB in lieu of LC No. 17 (Between Sanvordem-Chandargao)
28ROB in lieu of LC No.34 at Km. 67/600-700 between Badami-Gulledagudda stations.
Work yet to be taken for want of land acquisition by State Govt.: 2 Nos.
1Oorgaum-Champion ROB in lieu of LC No:7 with subway.
2Karmelaram - Baiyyappanahalli-ROB in lieu of LC No.136 with Subway (At Kaggadasapura)
1Desur - Belagavi -ROB in lieu of LC No.382 with sub-way
2Desur - Belagavi -ROB in lieu of LC No.383 with sub-way
3UBL-BAY section-Proposed construction of road over bridge (ROB) at km 134/700-800 in lieu of LC No.77 between GIN-MRB stations
4Bellari Cant- Bellari Junction-ROB in lieu of LC No.111 with subway.
Drawing under preparation/Approval: 8 Nos.
1Shivadi - Dharmapuri - ROB in lieu of LC No. 41 with subway
2ROB in lieu of LC No.2 at Mysuru Lamps ( Brigade Gate way )
3YPR-salem section- ROB in lieu of LC No. 104 with subway between Hosur-Anekal Road stations.
4Mysuru-Arsikere - ROB in lieu of LC No.112 at Railway Km. 133/300-400 between Koravangala -Bageshpura stations.
5ROB in lieu of LC No.371 at Km.598/200-300 between Khanapur - Desur stations
6ROB in lieu of LC No.392 at km 613/800-900 between Belagavi-Sambre stations on cost sharing basis
7Tumakuru-Arsikere – Pro ROB in lieu of LC No. 86 at 142/700-800 between Tiptur-Honnavalli road stations
8Londa-Miraj - ROB in lieu of LC No.386 at railway Km. 611/600-700 of Belgavi-Suldhal stations.

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 29-09-2023  

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