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DCC 2020






 DCC 263

 Board letter No. TCR/1017/2020/2 Part(1)/3325609 dt 31.12.20

 Transportation Product Block Rate/Mini Rake/Two Point Combination etc.


 DCC 262

 Board letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4 Part/3338337 dt 30.12.20

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


DCC 261

 RMC/Block rakes/Mini rake/Two Point Combination/2020, Corrigenda dt 24.12.20

 Transportation Product Block Rake/Mini Rake/Two Point combination etc.


 DCC 260

RMC/CRT-CCR-Hub & Spoke/2015/0, TC-I/2020/302/efile/dt 29.12.20

 Haulage charge for movement of Zinc Concentrate, Lead Concentrate,Soap Stone Powder in containers


 DCC 259

 Board letter No.TC-I/2020/101/e-RD/MISC/dt 29.12.2020.

Facilities for Uploading signed application for various freight activities on Freight Business Development Portal(FBD) Portal


 DCC 258

  Letter No.TC-I/2020/101/Iron Ore dt  29.12.20

  Registration of demand for wagons electronically (e-RD) change in process for Registration of Customers


 DCC 257

Board letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4-PART(1)/3329526 dt 29.12.20

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


 DCC 256

 Board letter No.TCR/1017/2020/2 Part(1)/3325609 dt 24.12.20

  Transportation Product Block Rake/Mini/Two Point combination etc.


 DCC 255

 Letter No.A/TA/SBC/PARCELS/2020-21/12 dt 18.11.20

 Uniformity in the Parcel and Luggage Way Bills and Returns summary-reg


 DCC 254

 Board letter No.TCII/2020/Discount on Parcel Rail Bhavan dt 14.12.2020

 Discount on Base freight Rate for Indented Parcel consisting of LVPH (LHB Parcel vans)


 DCC 253

 Board letter No.B/T 389/Misc/2020-21 dt 18.12.20

 Train parting due to tying of ropes with Operating handle of wagons


 DCC 252

Lr No.219/TC(FM)/04/18-Part(1) dt18.12.20

 Revised JPO for General Purpose Wagon investment Scheme (GPWIS)


 DCC 251

 Lr No.TCR/1017/2020/2/3319987 dt 17.12.20

 Policy guidelines – Two point combination


 DCC 250

 Lr No TC-I/2020/302/NWR dt 16.12.20

 Haulage Charge for movement of empty containers and empty flat wagons


 DCC 249

 Lr No TCR/1078/2020/12/3322350 dt 15.12.20

 Freight Incentive Scheme for loading of Bed Ash.


 DCC 248

 L No TCR/1015/2020/Coriander Seeds/3336794 dt 14.12.20

  Classification of “Coriander (Dhania) Seeds


 DCC 247

 Lt No C/441/Parcel Policy/SWR.Vol.X dt 30.11.20

 Opening of Amalsad (AML) Station for Parcel Traffic


 DCC 246

 Lt No C.490/SBC/DLI/HSRA-AEK/PFT/16-17 dt 12.12.2020

 Notification for commissioning of outward Traffic at PDLM Greeenfield Private Freight Terminal served by MNKH Station of M/S Distribution logistic Infrastructure  Private ltd.


 DCC 245

 Letter No C.613/Weighbridge/Vol.XII dt 11.12.2020

 Issue of RR after weighment of Consignment at weighbridge


 DCC 244

 Lr. No TC-I/2020/101/efile/I dt 11.12.2020

 Guidelines regarding premium indent


 DCC 243

 Lr No TCR/1394/2020/4-Part(2)/3335729 dt 11.12.2020

 Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle load wagons


 DCC 242

 L No.TCR/1015/2020/rates/NMG/3332914,

No.2020/TT-IV/1913/333295 dt 10.12.20

 Charging of Automobile traffic when carried on BRN wagons


 DCC 241

 Board lr No.TCR/1618/2020/02/3325670 dt 10/12/20

 Classification Methodology of Calculation of concession under STS.


 DCC 240

 Corrigendum No.35 to RMC/CRT-CCR-Hub & Spoke/2015/0

 Lift on Lift off at group I & II CRT’s


 DCC 239

 Letter No.C.206/Parcel Policy/SWR/Vol.IX dt 23.11.20

 Addendum to instructions regarding “Advance booking of Parcel Space”


 DCC 238

Letter No.C.490/M/S KFIL/GIN/UBL dt 25.11.20

 Notification of M/S Kirloskar Ferrous Ltd Private Siding Ginigera (KFIG) on permanent basis for handling outward and inward traffic.


 DCC 237

 Letter No. C.490/UBL/KLM/2016 dt 24.11.20

 Notification for termination of Siding Agreement for Chowgule-Costi


 DCC 236

 Board lt No. 2017/TC(FM)/4/12 dt 19/4/18 & 07/12/20

 Automobile Freight train Operator Scheme (AFTO)


 DCC 235

 Letter No. 2019/TC(FM)/4/28 of 07/12/20

 Exemption from Payment of Stabling charge for rakes operated under Automobile freight train operator(AFTO)


 DCC 234

B/No.TCR/1015/2020/Rates/NMG/3332914 of 03.12.20

 Rates for Automobile traffic carried on NMG/BCCNR & BCACM Wagons


 DCC 233

 Lr No.TCR/1015/2020/Rates/NMG/333294 dt 27.11.20

  Rates for Automobile traffic carried on NMG/BCCNR & BCACM  Wagons


 DCC 232

 Letter No. TCR/1078/2020/07/3316692 dt 27.11.20

 Policy guidelines for Concession in freight charges for long lead traffic in Clinker


 DCC 231

 Letter No. TCR/1394/2020/4-Part(2)/3335729 dt 25.11.20

 Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle load wagons


 DCC 230

 Board’s letter No. TCR/1394/2020/4-Part(1)/3329526 dt 23.11.20

 Running of freight trains on CC+8


 DCC 229

Board’s letter No.30, TCR/1015/2020/03 dt 23.11.20

  Classification of Pet Coke Cinder


 DCC 228

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2019/2016 dt 23.11.20

 No stabling charge in case of Container traffic


 DCC 227

 Board’s letter No.2020/TC(FM)/10/16 dt 17.11.20

 Amendment to Modified Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy reduction in Security Deposit/Performance Guarantee


 DCC 226

 FM Circular 2/2007, Lr.No.2020/TC(FM)/10/17 dt 17.11.20

 Amendment to Policy for leasing Parcel Cargo Exp Train reduction in Security Deposit


 DCC 225

 Letter No.2020/TC(FM)/10/19 dt 17.11.20

Amendment to Modified Comprehensive Parcel leasing policy ‘leasing of Parcels space in VPs by Rajdhani exp


 DCC 224

 Bd. letter No.TCR/1078/2010/13/3118145 dt 12.11.20

 Diversion of Iron Ore traffic within Port terminal


 DCC 223

 L.No.TC II/2910/2020/Flexi Fare recommendation dt 02.11.20

 Rationalization of Flexi fare scheme in Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duranto trains.


 DCC 222

 L.No.TCR/1015/2020/Rates /NMG/3332914 dt 16.11.20

 Rates of Automobile traffic when caiired on NMG,BCCNR,BCACM Wagons


 DCC 221

 No.TCR/2205/2020/01/3325397 dt 11.11.20

 Empty Haulage Charges-Movement of newly manufactured privately owned wagons from the station near the manufacturing unit to supply delivery station.


 DCC 220

 L. No.TCR/1015/2025/Class/05/3327457 dt 06.11.2020.

 Classification of “Bed Ash”


 DCC 219

 Board letter No.TC-II/2910/Discounted fares dated 28.09.20

 Discount scheme on the vacant seats in trains having sitting accommodation of Ac C


 DCC 218

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1078/2019/TEFD dated 28.10.20

 Liberalized Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional Empty Flow Directions


 DCC 217

 Letter No.TC-I/2020/109/SCR dated 26.10.20

 Rules regarding Punitive Charge


 DCC 216

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2020/302/NWR dt 26.10.20

 Container Rail Terminal-Advance Stacking of Cargo/container at group III CRT’s


DCC 215

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1078/2020/3 dt 23.10.2020

 Policy guidelines on Roundtrip Traffic RTT


 DCC 214

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2019/201/6-Part(1) dt 21.10.20

 Additional Free time for covering open wagons with Tarpaulins


 DCC 213

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2020/8/efile/1 dt 16.10.20

 Rates of Military traffic


 DCC 212

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1078/2019/TEFD dt 16.10.20

 Liberalised Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional Empty Flow Directions (TEFD)


 DCC 211

 Letter No TC-II/2046/2020/Discount on P’scale dt 14.10.20

 Introduction of Discount on Base freight Rate for Inducted Parcel Trains for loading of 24 Parcel van and Brake van


 DCC 210

 B’s letter No.TCR/1015/2020/03/3326441 dated 14/10/20

 Classification of Petroleum-coke segregation from Main Commodity Head ’ Coal and Coke’


 DCC 209

 Board’s letter No.2020/TC(FM)/14/08 dated 14.10.20

 Development of Goods-sheds at small/road-side stations through Private investments


 DCC 208

 Board ltr No.TCR/1017/2020/2/3319987 DT 14.10.20

 Two/multiple unloading points for Automobile traffic(other than loaded in rakes owned by AFTOs and DBKMs)


 DCC 207


 DCC 206

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1017/2020/2 Part-I/3325609 dated 13.10.2020

 Policy guidelines-Two Point Combination


 DCC 205

 Board ltr .No.TCR/1394/2020/03/3316598 dt 10.10.20

 Permissible Carrying Capacity of (PCC) of wagons for loading of Pet Coke


 DCC 204

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2020/109/efile/1 dated 09.10.20

 Updation of Associate/weighbridge for loading points in FOIS


 DCC 203

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4-Part(1) 3329526 dated 08.10.2020

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


 DCC 202

 Letter No.TC-I/2019/201/6-Part(1) dt 08.10.20

 Additional free time for covering open wagons with tarpaulins at EOL siding


 DCC 201

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2020/302/NWR dated 08.10.2020

 Haulage Charge for movement of Chemical Gypsum in containers


 DCC 200

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2020/101/efile/1 dt 08.10.20

 Forfeiture of Wagon Registration fee-Iron Ore


 DCC 199

 Board’s letter No.1999/CRIS/NDLS-HQ/UTS/IMPLEMENT/UT01/253/0040/Pt-9 dt 25.08.20

 Release for recording of excess or shortcash during logout process in UTS and other requirements


 DCC 198

  HQ letter No.C.565/UTS/Vol.ix/2018-19 dated 07.10.20

 Latest Modifications done in UTS Online application


 DCC 197

 Board’s letter No.2020/TC(FM)/02/05 dt 07.10.20

 Development of handling facilities for automobile traffic


 DCC 196

  Board letter No.TC-II/2046/2020/Parcel Policy dt 05.10.20

 Rationalisation of freight rates for Parcel traffic


 DCC 195

 Board letter No.2020/TG-I/20/Booking of tickets dated 06/10/20

 Timings for preparation of second reservation charts


 DCC 194

 B/ letter No.TCR/1078/2020/17/3321173 dt 06/10/20

 Levy of terminal charge on automobile traffic


 DCC 193

  B/ ltr No.TCR/1644/2020/01/33929133 dt 29.9.20

 Rebate in freight for traffic transported in privately owned wagons.


 DCC 192

 Board’s letter No.2020/TC(FM)/11/12 Pt.1 dt 04.09.20

 Ensuring basic minimum infrastructure at Parcel-handling locations/Terminals


 DCC 191

 HQ letter No.C.441/Parcel Policy/SWR/Vol.IX dated 21.09.20

 Notification for opening of GEDE and Petrapol (PIPL) Station for Inward Parcel traffic from Bangladesh side and for outward booking of above traffic to Indian Railway only


 DCC 190

 Board’s letter No.2018/TC(FM)/04/13-Pt-1 dt 30.08.20

 General Purpose Wagon Investment Scheme


 DCC 189

 Board’s letter No.TCR/2201/2020/1/3310697 dt 28.9.20

 Anomaly in levy of ODC Charges on Military


 DCC 188

 Board’s letter No/TC-I/2020/108/efile/1 dt 28.9.20

 Guidelines regarding provision of weighbridge and weighmentof rakes


 DCC 187

 Board’s letter No.2020/TC(FM)/11/29 dated 21.09.20

 Clarification on Advance Booking of Parcel space and Temporary Leasing of Parcel vans


 DCC 186

 Letter No.TC-I/2019/201/6 dt 25.9.20

 Debit/Credit Card system in Private sidings


 DCC 185


 Free time for loading of bagged consignment in Open wagon in the case of freight terminals/siding worked on EOL basis.


 DCC 184

 Letter No.2018/PG/18/All-India helpline dated 21/8/20

 Extending support of 139 for freight and Parcel marketing


DCC 183

 Letter No.490/SBC/DLI/HSRA-AEK/PFT/16-17 dated 24/09/20

 Commissioning of greenfield Private freight Terminal (PFT) of M/S Distribution Logistics Infrastructure Ltd, served by MNKH Station over SBC Dn


DCC 182

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4 Part(1) 3329526 dated 23.09.20

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


DCC 181

Board letter No.TCR/I/2020/103/efile/I dated 23.09.20

 Issue of money receipt in the name of handling agent of freight customer


DCC 180

 Board’letter No.TCR/1078/GST/2020/15/3325222 dated 22/9/20

 Correction of GSTN


DCC 179

 Board letter No.TCR/1015/2020/6/3327481

 Classification of Viscose Stable Fibre(VSF) in the Goods Tariff No 49.Pt-1/vol.II


DCC 178

 Letter/Corrigenda No.7, No.TCR/1394/2020/4/3319486 dt 21.9.20

  Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


DCC 177

 Corrigendum No.6 to RMC , letter No.TCR/1394/2020/02/3319524 dated 17/9/20

 Permissible Carrying Capacity(PCC) and loading Tolerance of BCFC and BCFCM Wagons


DCC 176

 Boards letter No.TC-I2020/8/efile/I-Part-I, dated 16.09.20

 Worksheet for calculation pf Tariff in case of Military tariff


DCC 175

 Corrigendum No.2 to RMC/weighment, No.TC-I/2020/109/SCR.16.09.20

 Detention charge and punitive charge


DCC 174

 Rate Master Circular/CRT-CCR/Corrigenda No.30 dt.06/09/20 & 14/9/20

 Haulage charge on Roundtrip basis for transportation of container traffic


DCC 173

 Letter No.TCR/1017/2019/01/3286241 DT 14/9/20 Corrigendum No.5/RMC

 Transportation Products-standard rake size-BAFRDR


DCC 172

 Letter No.Siding Policy/2020 of date 15/9/20

 Co-users in private sidings


 DCC 171

 Letter No.TC-I/2019/2016 dated 14/9/20

 Debit/Credit system in case of Private sidings


DCC 170

 Letter No.TCR/1618/2020/02/3325670 of 02/09/20

 Clarification regarding “station to station” Rates/STS scheme


DCC 169

 Letter No.2014/TG-i/UTS on Mobile/Paperless tkt dt.24.08.20

 Promotion of unreserved tickets booking through Mobile phone


 DCC 168

  Board’s ltr No.TC-I/2016/201/5 dt 17.11.17, Board’s ltr No.TC-I/2015/108/8-Pt. dated 13.03.19

 Preparation of Online Goods Balance Sheet


 DCC 167

 Dy.CAO/SWR/UBL letter No.AC/GST/MISC/19-20/SBC/Vol.I/32 dated 29/07/20, Letter No C.405/Implementation of GST/2018/Vol.II dt 30.07.20

 Matching of GST-2A Data Input Tax Credit(ITC) reconciliation -reg


DCC 166

 Com.Circular (Goods) No.54/2017 dt 30.0817, Letter No.c.490/ACC/TDV/SBC dated 31.08.20

 Inclusion of Granulated Slag as inward traffic at MAPT Siding Thondebhavi


DCC 165

 RMC letter No.TCR/1078/2020/Mini Rake/3327060 dated 28.08.20

 Transportation Product-Mini Rakes


DCC 164

 DO Letter No 5-29/2020/Mit II dt 07/08/20

 Conveyance of explosives/dangerous goods by Rail


DCC 163

 RB letter No TC-II/2046/2020/Parcel to Bangladesh dated 11.08.20

 Charging of export traffic to Bangladesh booked in Indented Parcel rakes (consisting of Parcel Vans)


 DCC 162

  RMC on Block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two point combination Corrigenda N.3 to RMC Ltr No TCR/1078/2020/3327060 dt 27.08.20

 Transportation Products-Mini Rakes


DCC 161

 RMC/Mini Rake/Two Point Combination/Corrigenda No.TCR/1017/2020/2 of 25/8/20

 Policy guidelines-Two Point Combination


 DCC 160

 Board’s RMC on Block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two point Combination etc/2020 vide letter No.TCR/1017/2020/03 dt 02.07.20

 Policy guidelines-Transportation Products


DCC 159

 Board (CRB) letter No. TC-I/2020/108/e file/dated 14.08.20

 Transmission of weighment data from weighbridge to TMS by linking all weighbridges with FOIS


 DCC 158

FMC No. 13 of 2020 issued vide Letter  No.2016/TC/FM/181/6/Pt dated 18.08.20

Amendment No.1 to Master Circular on PFT/2020/0 dtd 23.06.2020


DCC 157

 Board’s Rates Circular No.24 of 2019

 Clarification regarding traffic of NMG Coaches from India to Bangladesh via rail routes


DCC 156

 Freight Marketing Circular No.10 of 2017, issued vide lt No. 2016/TC(FM)/18/20 dt 25.09.17

 Amendment No.6 to the Policy Circular on Private Sidings


 DCC 155

 Board’s letter No.(even) dt 22/4/20 Rates Circular No.8 of 2020 and Corrigendum thereto

 Liberalised Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional Empty Flow Directions (TEFD)


DCC 154

 DTC® RB letter No.TCR/1078/2020 dated 28.07.20

 Monitoring of proper implementation of freight Incentive Schemes -reg


DCC 153

 RB letter No.2012/TT-III/73/9 Vol.II dated 21.07.20

 Withdrawal of routes to from/via/Kanech(ISNL) permitted to M/S Hind Terminals Pvt.Ltd for movement of container trains under Hub&Spoke policy


DCC 152

 No.TC-I/2020/223/efile/1 dated 17.08.20

 Notified Stations


DCC 151

 RMC/PCC/CC+8 etc./2020/o dt 01.05.20

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


DCC 150

 RB letter No.TC-I/2019/201/2 dt 05.05.20

 Exemption from payment of Stabling charge for rakes operated under Automobile Freight Train Operator scheme  (AFTO)


DCC 149

RMC/Provision of weighbridge/2019/0

 Guidelines for installation of private party on Railway land


DCC 147

 Board’s letter No TC-I/2019/101/1 dt 20.03.20

 Transmission of weighment data from weighbridge to TMS by linking all weighbridges with FOIS


 DCC 146

 Board’s letter No. 2019/M(N)/204/6 dt 01.07.19

 Instructions regarding Guard/Driver (GDR) check and Door working


DCC 145

 IRCA Letter No.G.398/XIII dt 20.05.90

   Calibration Chart for BTPN Tank Wagons


DCC  144

 Commercial Circular(Goods) No 25/2012 dt 04.04.13

 Notification for handling O/W traffic of Metallurgical Coke in BOXN Rakes from M/s Sandhur Manganese & Iron Ores ltd


DCC 143

 Rate Master Circular on Block Rakes/TCR/1017/2020/03 dt 02/7/20

 Two Multiple unloading points for Automobile Traffic (other than AFTO’s and DBKMS)


DCC 142

 Rates Circular No.16 of 2020

  Policy guidelines for concession in freight charges for Short Lead Traffic


DCC 141

 Rate Master Circular/Two-point combination/TCR/1017/2020/03 dt 02.07.20

 Two-point loading in ‘SFTO’ rakes under Category-3


 DCC 140

 Rates Circular No.20 of 2018 and its Corrigenda

 Discount on Haulage Charges for movement of loaded containers


 DCC 139

 Rates Circular -09 of 2020

 Inclusion of loose / bulk loading in Open Wagons under Freight Incentive Scheme for loading of Fly ash


DCC 138

 IRCA Goods Tariff No.49 Pt1 (Vol.II)

 Classification of “Salt for Industrial Use”


DCC 137

 Letter No TCR/1394/2014/02 dt 11/4/20

 Permissible Carrying Capacity (PCC) of wagons for loading of Pet Coke


DCC 136

Board letter No TC-I/2019/201/6 dt 15/5/20

 No Stabling Charge in case of Container Traffic


 DCC 135

Board letter No. TC-I/2019/108/1 dt 20/3/20

 Transmission of weighment data from weighbridge to TMS by linking all weighbridges with FOIS


DCC 134

 Letter No TCR/1015/2019/01 dt 27/7/20

 Classification of (Potassium Magnesium Sulphate)


DCC 133

 Board letter no TC-I/2020/101/Iron Ore dt 26.6.20

 e-RD in case of Iron Ore-Pellets


 DCC 132

 CRWC’s letter dated 23/6/20

 Allocation of Separate Sitting Code for CRWC


DCC 131

 Rly Boards letter no TC-I/2002/21415 dt 17/6/20

 All India Engine Hour Cost(AIEHC) for recovery of Siding and Shunting Charges


DCC 130

 No.2016/TC(FM)/4/3 dt 16/3/20

 Operation of rakes of BCACBM wagons under Automobile Freight Train Operator (AFTO) Scheme


DCC 129

 Board letter no TCR/101/2016/01 DT 30/6/20

 Policy guidelines-Transportation Products-Block Rates/Mini Rake(Covered wagons)


 DCC 128

 Freight Marketing Circular GPWIS/2018/0 vide letter no. RB/2018/TC/FM/4/01 dt 26/4/18

 JPO for General  Purpose Wagon Investment (GPWIS) Scheme


DCC 127

 Freight Master Circular No.11 of 2013 dt 21/5/13

 Transportation of 2 wheeler, decked in Casettes and return of empty cassette to loading base


DCC 126

 Rates Master Circular/CRT/CCR & Hub and Spoke

 Terminal Access Charge for container traffic at Container Rail Terminal


DCC 125

 Rates Master Circular/CRT/CCR-Hub & Spoke/2015/0 and its corrigenda

 Haulage Charge for movement of Toluene in Containers


DCC 124

 Board letter No. RMC/PCC/CC+8 etc. dt 1/5/20

 Permissible Carrying Capacity (PCC) etc. of BCFCM Wagons


DCC 123

 Letter No.TCR/1017/2020/03 dt 02/7/20

 Policy guidelines-Transportation Products Corrigenda


 DCC 122

Board letter No. TCR/1017/2016/01

 Policy guidelines-Transportation Products Block rakes/Mini Rake/Two Point Rake/Covered wagons


DCC 121

 Rates Master Circular/e-RD/2019/0 and its addendum

 Registration of Demand for wagons electronically (e-RD) in case of Granite


DCC 120

 Freight Marketing Circular No.26 of 2019 vide letter No. 2018/TC(FM)/4/01 dt 18.11.19

 General Purpose Wagon Investment Scheme(GPWIS)


DCC 119

 Boards’s letter even no dt 22/4/20 (Rates Circular No.8 of 2020)

 Liberalised Automatic Freight rebate Scheme for Traffic leaded in Traditional Empty Flow Directions(TEFD)


 DCC 118

 Rates Circular No.3 of 2019 & Wr letter No.c.491/1/736 Vol.I dt 12/6/20

 Rates of Terminal Charges to be collected from Post Trust Railways directly from Customers


DCC 117

 Letter No. TCR/1078/2020/07

 Policy guidelines for Concession in freight charges for Short Lead Traffic


 DCC 116

 No. TCR/1078/2020/07 dt 30/6/20

 Policy guidelines for concession I Freight Charges for longlead Traffic


 DCC 115

 Letter No.TCR/1078/2020/06 dated 27/6/20

 Policy guidelines to Incentive Utilization of Alternate Good sheds


 DCC 114

 Freight Marketing Circular/LWIS/2018/0

 Liberalised Wagon Investment Scheme(LWIS)


DCC 113

 Rly Board letter No. TC-II/2910/2020/special train/Covid-19 dated 28/5/20

 Restoration of Parcel Services in Passenger Carrying trains.


 DCC 112

RMC/PCC/CC+8 /2020/0 dated  01/5/20

 Permissible Carrying Capacity(PCC) of wagon for loading of Pet Coke


DCC 111

 DTC® Rly Board’s letter No. TC-I/2016/201/1 dt 19/5/16

 Notification of Container Rail Terminals(CRT)s over SWR


DCC 110

 Rly Board letter No.TCR/1055/2020/1/3318268 dt 10/6/20

 Revision of Siding Charges for containers at VO Chidambaranar Trust(Tuticorin)


DCC 109

 Rly Board’s letter No.2018/TC/FM/04/35 dt 13/3/19

 Permission for addl. commodity under Special Freight Train Operator(SFTO) scheme


 DCC 108

 Freight Marketing Circular/PFT/2015/0 Board’s letter No.2011/TC(FM) dt 2/1/15

 Master Circular on Private Freight Terminal (PFT) Scheme


DCC 107

 Freight Marketing Circular No.6 of 2020 ltr No.2018/TC(FM)/14/04 dtd 23.06.20

 Amendment No.5 to Policy Freight Terminal(PFT) Scheme


DCC 106

 Commercial Circular(Goods) No.60 of 2020

 Temporary Permission of 2 months for using M/S Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd.


DCC 105

 Commercial Circular/Rate advice No.06 of 2020

 Revision of Working Hours of goods sheds-dealing manual loading/unloading-reg


 DCC 104

 Rates Master Circular /e-RD/2019/0 and its addendum

 e-RD and eT-RR


 DCC 103

 Rate Master Circular dt 14/7/16 on Block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two Point combination

 Policy guidelines-two point combination


DCC 102

 Board’s letter No.2018/E&R/1(8)/4 dt 24/4/18

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


 DCC 101

 Corrigendum 8 to Rates Master Circular/CRT-CCR-Hub & Spoke/2015/0

 Lift on Lift Off at group-I & II CRT’s


DCC 100

 Rate Circular No.11 of 2019

 All India Engine Hour Cost for recovery of Siding and Shunting Charges


 DCC 99

 Freight Master Circular/SFTO/2018 Ltr No.2016/TC(FM)/04/Vol.2 dt 16/5/19

 Liberalised Special freight Train Operator(LSFTO) shceme


 DCC 98

 Letter No.TCR/1078/2020/8 dt.05/6/20

 Policy guidelines on Round-Trip Traffic (RTT)


 DCC 97

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2019/201/2 DT 15/5/20

 Clarification on resumption of lvey of Demurrage, Wharfage etc.,


 DCC 96

 DTC®  RB letter TCR/1078/2020/02 dt 11/5/20

 Amendment to Rule 5.0 of Goods Tariff No.49/PartI/Vol.II


 DCC 95

 RB letter No.2020/TG-I/20/P/JTBS dt 21/4/20

 Guidelines regarding Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak/JTBS/Scheme


DCC 94

 RB letter No. TCR/1017/2016/01 Pt 15/4/20 Com.Circular 32/2020 Rate Advice No. 4 of 16/4

 Policy guidelines-Transportation Products


DCC 93

 GS/IRCA/NDLS letter No.AL-208/3 dt 06.03.20

  Allotment of 08-digit numerical Code & Alpha Code


DCC 92

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2019/103/1 dt 24.03.20, 27.03, 16.04 & 06.05.20

 Delivery of goods at destination in absence of RR


DCC 91

 Rates Circular no.09 of 2020 and 27 of 2016

 Clarification on FIS on loading bagged consignment in Open and flat wagons and for loading of Fly ash



 RMC/2016 dtd 14/7/16 on Block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two Point Combination etc, & Corrigenda

 Clarification on BCNHL rakes-Policy guidelines transportation Products



 Rates Circular No. 21 of 2018 & Corrigendum

 Free time for loading/unloading of BCFC Wagons



 RMC/Demurrage-Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0 and its Corrigenda dt 5/5/20

 Guidelines regarding resumption of levy of Demurrage, Wharfage etc,


DCC 87

 Rates Circular no.10 of2020 dtd 11/5/20

 Rule 5.0 of Goods Tariff no.49, Part-I,Vol.II


DCC 86

 Board’s Rates Circular No.27 of 2016 and its addendum/Corrigendum

 Freight Incentive Scheme for loading of Bagged Consignment in Open and Flat Wagons


DCC 85

 Corrigendum no.5 of (RC-27) of 2016

 Freight Incentive Scheme for Loading of   Fly Ash


DCC 84

 Rates Circular No.20 of 2018 and its corrigendum dt 14/11/18, No.2,3,4 & 5 of corrigendum

 Haulage Charge for movement of empty containers and empty flat wagons


DCC 83

 RMC/PCC/2019/0 dtd 16/5/19 and its corrigenda

 Permissible carrying Capacity (PCC) of wagons /CC-8


DCC 82

 Board’s letter No. TC-I/2019/103/0 dt 24/3/20 & 27/3,16/4

 Delivery of goods at destination in absence of RR


DCC 81

 Freight Marketing Circular No.13 of 2019 dt 24.5.19 & No.14 of 7/6/19

 Exemption for transportation of Perishables in all types of Parcel rakes comprising Parcel Vans



 Rates Circular No.16 of 2018  and Corrigendum thereto . E Office No.3316118 dt 23/3/20

 Liberalised Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional Empty Flow Directions (TEFD)


DCC 79

 Rates Circular No.20 of 2018 and its Corrigendum dt 14.11.18

 Haulage Charges for movement of empty containers and empty flat wagons


DCC 78

 Board’s letter No. TCR/1078/2015/07 dt 16/3/15 & 20/3/15 E office 3316118 dt 23.3.20

 Adjustment in Base freight Rates – Classification of Commodities


DCC 77

 Rates Master Circular/CRT/CCR/Hub & Spoke/2015/0 and its corrigendum No.23 dt 02.04.19

  Container Class Rate (CCR) in case of CR Coils (Coll Rolled Coils)


DCC 76

 RMC/CRT-CCR/Hub & Spoke/2015/0 E-Office No. 33116118 dtd 23/3/20

 Charging of Kota Stone in Container


DCC 75

 RMC/CRT-CCR-Hub/& Spoke/2015/0 and its Corrigenda

 Haulage Charge for movement of Chemical Gympsum in Containers


DCC 74

 Board’s letter No. TC-I/2019/201/2 dt 25/4/20

 Revised guidelines regarding Demurrage,Wharfage etc


DCC 73

 TCR/1394/2014/02 Pt dated 11/4/2020

 Extention of Revised PCC for Pet Coke loaded in BOXN & BOXNHL Wagons



 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2019/103/1 dt 24.03.20 and 27/3/20

 Delivery og Goods at destination in absence of RR


DCC 71

 RMC/2016 dtd 14/7/16 on Block Rakes/Mini Rakes/Two Point Combination

Policy guidelines transportation products


DCC 70

 Boards’s letter No.2018 E&R 1(8)/4 dated RMC/PCC/2019/0 dtd 16/5/19 (24.4.2018)

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


DCC 69

 Rates Master Circular/e-RD/2019/0

 Registration of demand for Wagons electronically (e-RD) through FOIS


DCC 68

 Rates Master Circular/eT-RR/2019/0

 Electronic Transmission of Railway Receipt (eT-RR)


DCC 67

 Rate Circular No.20 of 2018, E-office No. 3316118 dtd 23/3/20

 No Haulage Charge for movement of empty containers and empty flat wagons


DCC 66

 RMC/Demurrage/Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0 and its Corrigenda

 Relaxation in Demurrage and Wharfage rules


DCC 65

  Boards’ letter No.TCR/1078/2016 Pt. dated 05/08/16

 Roll on Roll off (RoRo) Scheme


DCC 64

 Corrigendum 6 to RMC/ Demurrage-Wharfage Waiver/2016/0

 Rates of Demurrage in the case of Coal and/or Coke Consignment


DCC 63

 Corrigendum No.5 to RMC/Block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two Point Combination dtd 15/3/16

 Policy guidelines – Transportation Products


DCC 62

 Letter No TCR/1015/2020/01 dated 13/3/20

 Corrigendum to Goods Tariff Classification of “Glass Scrap”


DCC 61

 Letter No.   TCR/2201/2004/1                   dated 13/3/2020

 Revision of Miscellaneous Surcharges


DCC 60

 Rates Master Circular/Dynamic Pricing Policy/2015/0 and corrigenda thereto

 Dynamic Pricing Policy -Levy of Busy season Charge development Surcharge and congestion charge


DCC 59

Board’s RMC/FIS/2015/0 and corrigenda thereto

Incentive scheme for Freight forwarders


DCC 58

 Rates Mater Circular/PCC/2019/0 dated 16/5/19 and Corrigenda thereto

  Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


DCC 57

 RMC/CRT-CCR-Hub& Spoke/2015/0

 Container Rail Terminal Advance Staking of Cargo/Container


DCC 56

 TA/SBC/RCO/01, dated 17/3/20, Corrigenda

 Accountal of Station Earnings and Corrigenda


DCC 55

TA/SWR/RCO/01/SBC dated 16.3.20

 Accountal of Station Earnings


DCC 54

 Rly.Board’s letter No TC-I/2014/302/2 dtd 03/03/20

 Haulage Charge for running of Double Stack Dwarf Container


DCC 53

 DTC/R/Rly.Board’s letter No.TCR/1394/2014/02/Pt.dtd 27.02.20 Circular No.04 of 2020

 Classification of steel Pipes


DCC 52

 DTC(R)/Rly.Board’s letter No TCR/1394/2014/02/Pt.dated 26.02.20 (Corrigendum No.22 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/2019/0

 Permissible Carrying Capacity (PCC) of Wagons -steel pipes


DCC 51

 Dir.PM/Rly Board letter No.2019/TG-I/20/P/54 dtd 11.02.2020

 Issuing of Reserved Tickets to sitting as well as former Parliamentarians


DCC 50

 Rly Board letter No.TCR/2201/2020/01 dt 21.2.20

 Revision of Rates of Infringement charges


DCC 49

Rate Circular No.03 of 2020

 Notified Stations


DCC 48

 Rly Board letter No.TCR/1078/2018/04 dtd (07.2.20) (Corrigendum No.08 to Rate Circular No.16 of 2018)

 Liberalised Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional Empty Flow Directions (TEFD)


DCC 47

 Commercial Circular (Goods) No. 116/2019 dated 19.12.2019 (Rate Advice No.12 of 2019)

 Opening of Private siding for M/S Kirloskar Ferrous (ICFIG) Siding over Hubballi Division for Traffic


DCC 46

 Rate Circular No.2 of 2017 dt 03.02.2017

  Late payment charges for Railway Receipt(RR) issued under conventional mode of Payment


DCC 45

 Rly Board letter No.2016/TC/(FM)/4/13 dtd 28.01.20

 Addendum -III dated 11/2/20 to Agreement for Liberalised Wagon  Investment Scheme of M/S JSW Steel ltd


DCC 44

 DTC(R)/Railway Board’s letter No.TCR/1078/2016/05 dated 17/02/20

 Adjustment in Base Freight Rates for Short Lead Goods Traffic


DCC 43

Rly.Board ltr No.2016/TC/(FM)/4/3 dtd 14/15.01.2020

  Operation of roles of BCACBM Wagons under Automobile Freight Train Operator (AFTO) Scheme


DCC 42

 CCM Office letter No.1329-R/Alpha-no/2020 dated 20.01.2020

 Allotment of 8 digit numerical Code


DCC 41

 Board’s letter No.2018/E&R/1(8)14 dtd 24.04.18

  Running of Freight trains on CC+8 rates


DCC 40

Rates Master Circular/PCC/2019/0 dated 16/5/19 and its Corrigenda No.19 dt 13/2/2019

 Permissible Carrying Capacity (PCC) of wagons-steel pipes


DCC 39

 Rates Master Circular/PCC/2019/0 dated 16.05.2019 and corrigenda thereto

 Permissible Carrying Capacity (PCC) of wagons-steel pipes


DCC 38

 Rates Circular No.1 of 2020

 Freight Advance Scheme


DCC 37

 Commercial Circular No.06 of 2020

 Pilgrims special trains


DCC 36

 Commercial Circular No.05 of 2020

 Earmarking of Accommodation in Powercar of LHB rakes


DCC 35

 Commercial Circular No. 04 of 2020

 Master circular on implementation of STBA scheme at NSG-5 and NSG 6 Category stations


DCC 34

 Letter No (Sr.DCM) B/C 441/Parcel/MISC/2020 dated 31.01.2020

 Opening of Yelahanka(YNK) Railway Station for Parcel and Luggage traffic


DCC 33

 Even No dated 10/02/2020

 Joint procedure Order for EFT transactions through PGPRS Pos Machines by Onboard/tkt checking staff


DCC 32

 Commercial Circular No.45/2019 dated 15.10.2019

 Notification for opening of Station for handling of Parcel Traffic


DCC 31

 Com.Circular (Goods) No.10/2020 Rate advice No.2 of 2020

 Temporary Permission of using M/S MSPL-AHB by KIOCL


DCC 30

 Commercial Circular (Goods) No. 11/2020, Rate Advice No.2 of 2020

 Temporary Permission of one year for using M/S MSPL-AHB Siding MAKU


DCC 29

 Office letter No.C.210/Halts/AGL Station/19 Dt 24.09.19

 Commercial Notification for Closure of Amargol(AGL) Halt station over Hubballi station for passenger traffic


DCC 28

 Rly.Boards’ & letter No.TC/1078/2013/MISC Rep.Permission dt 29.01.2020

 Permission for travel of Armed Escorts in Goods Train


DCC 27

 Letter No.C.210/NAG/Halt/UBL/19

 Commercial Notification for opening Nagaragalli (NAG) Halt Station (Hubballi-Londa Section)


DCC 26

 Rly.Board’s letter No.TC-I/2019/30418 dt 20.01.20

 Complaints of extortion by Railways and Coal India Ltd Staff from Consumers


DCC 25

 Dy.CCM/PM & HQ/JP Lr.No C.25/UTS cum PRS/Ticket/15 dated 31.12.19

 Deficiency/Irregularity of UTS ticket Roll Stock


DCC 24

 CCM/RM/NFR/Gauhati letter No.C/163/RD-5/Parcel Pt.VII dated 20.12.19

 Handling of Parcel Traffic in Smalls over NFR


DCC 23

 GS/IRCA/NVS letter No.AL 208/B dated 21.11.19

 Allotment of 08 digit numerical code & Alpha code


DCC 22

 Sr.DOM/UBL’s FOIS’s message dtd 20.1.20

 Reopening of Chikkodi Road(CKR) goods shed for Goods traffic -reg


DCC 21

 Commercial Circular Coaching No.02/2020

 Opening of Hospet Jn, Kotturu Section on Hubballi Division for Passenger traffic


DCC 20

 Rates Circular No.5 of 2019, its corrigendum dt 29.03.19 & addendum dt 04.12.19

 Guidelines regarding Freight Advance Scheme


DCC 19

 Rly Board’s letter of even number dt 29.11.2019

 Generation of Money Receipt (MR) through system (TMS/FOIS)


DCC 18

 Rly letter No PCCM/325/e-RD dtd 28.01.2020

 Registration of Indents, allotment and supply of wagons


DCC 17

 Rate Master Circular/Demurrage-Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0  dtd 19.05.16

 Reckoning of excess detention in case of Private/assisted sidings where placement /releasing of rake from interchange point is done thro’ siding owner’s loco


DCC 16

 Rly.Boards’s letter Rates Circular No.23 of 2019

 Classification of Agricultural Waste or Crop Residue (Parali, Stubble etc.)


DCC 15

 Letter RCIL/CO/2017/DNM/Railway Projects/RDN Communication with Railways dtd 31/10 & 12/12/19

 Reentrusting of Bid process Management and Implementation of Rail Display Network (RDN)


DCC 14

 SCR’ Letter No.419/os/Board No.1.1/2018 dated 20.12.2019

 Levy of development surcharge on empty Engine haulage charges on Private Account


DCC 13

IRCTC letter No. 2017/IRCTC/Catg/DCS/Mobile Policy dtd 19/7/18

  Transfer of Catering Charges of Pre-paid trains to IRCTC.


DCC 12

 Rate Circular No.16 of 2018 and corrigenda

  Liberalised Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded in TEFD


DCC 11

 WR letter No. 0322/6/1 Vol.IV dtd 11/11/19

  Amendment  in Para 2427(a)  of IRCM/01.II regarding accountal of Money immediately on receipt


DCC 10

 Rate Master Circular /PCC/2019/10 dtd 16/5/19

 Running of Freight Trains on CC+8 Routes



 Board letter No. 2008/TG-V/1819 dated 01.01.20

 Inclusion of bedroll charges in the fare of Garib Rath Express Trains



 Rly.Board letter No. 99/TC(FM)/2611/PT.III dated 27.12.19

 Amendment No.4 to Policy Circular on Private Sidings



 Rly.Board letter No.2012/TT-III/73/9 Vol.II dated 13.06.19

  Additional Route for movement of Container trains under Hub & Spoke policy



 DDTC/R/Rly.Board’s letter No.TCR/1618/2016/02 dtd 03.01.20

 Guidelines for implementing ‘Station to Station’ Rates (STS)



 Rly Board letter No.TC/II/2010/2002/1RT dtd 30.12.2019

  Grant of 50% Concession in basic fares to the Students of the Inst.of Rail Transport



 Rly Board letter No.TC 11/2704/2009 dtd 10.12.19

 Revalidation of Photo Identity Card for Press Correspondents



 IRCA Passenger Fare Table

 Revision of Passenger Fare w.e.f. 01.01.20



 Commercial Circular (Goods) No.117/2019

 Opening of Goods shed at Penukonda(PKD)



  Sr.AFA/T/SBC letter No.A/TA/SBC/WDRF/Corres/2029-20 dated 12.12.19

 WDRF Statement regarding



Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 03-03-2021  

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