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               DCC 2021

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DCC 2021





DCC 46

 Board’s letter No.2020/TG-I/PWD dt 19.01.21

 Issue of Photo ID Cards to persons with disabilities (Divyangjan)


DCC 45

 Board’s letter No.2020/TG-I/Restarting ATVM/Pt-2 dt 25.02.21

 Activity facility to book unreserved ticket/season tickets through UPSon Mobile App.


DCC 44

 Head quarters letter No. C.206/TC/19 dt 11.02.21

 Calibration chart for BTPN Wagons manufactured by M/s Texamo Rail & Engg.Ltd Kolkatta DT 28.0.20


DCC 43

Board’s letter No.TC-I/2020/101/ efile/1/3323942 dated 26.02.21

 Premium Indent-revision in the rate of Premium


DCC 42

 Board’s letter No. TCR/1394/2020/4-Part/3338337 dt 26.02.21

 Running of freight trais on CC+8 routes


DCC 41

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4-Part(1)/3329526 of 26.02.21

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


DCC 40

Board’s letter no.TC-I/2020 /109/efile/1(3323589) dt 22.02.21

 Designed Tare weight of BOXNHL25T wagon


DCC 39

 Board’s letter No. TC-I/2020 /223/efile/(3323420) dt 12.02.21

 Notified Stations


DCC 38

 Board’s letter No. TCR/1394 2020/4/3319486 DT 17.02.21.

  Running of freight trains on 25 Tonne Axle load Routes


DCC 37

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2020/103/I-Part(1) (3328202) dtd 16.02.21

 Online goods balance sheet – Accountal of Commercial placement for Demmurrage


DCC 36

 HQ Letter No.C.209/Rationalization shceme dtd 19.02.21.

 Rationalization shceme general Order No.7/2014-Amendment No.20


DCC 35

 Board’s letter no.TCR/1078 /2021/Limestone/3344200 of 19.02.21

 Policy guidelines for concession in Freight charges for Long Lead Traffic for Limestone (All Types)


DCC 34

 Board’s letter No.TCR/015/2020 /03/3326441 OF 16/02/21

 Classification of Petroleum coke segregation from main commodity head ‘Coal and Coke’


DCC 33

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1394/ 2020/4/3319486 DTD 15.02.21

 Running of freight trains on 25 Tonne Axle Load Routes


DCC 32

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1015/2021/Water for Industrial Use/3343257/ dtd 15.02.21

 Classification of Water for Industrial Use


DCC 31

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1078/2020/Dash board/3707/Port Traffic/3336854 of 15/2/21

 Congestion surcharge on Goods traffic originating from Ports


DCC 30

 Board’s letter No.2021/TC-III/26/1 dt 01/02/21

 Monitoring of Untoward Incident Cases (U/S 124A)


DCC 29

 Letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4/3319486 dt 12.02.21

 Running of freight trains on 25 Tonne Axle Load Routes


DCC 28

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2019/201/6-Part (2) (3328629) dt 10.02.21

 Debit/Credit system in case of Private Sidings-Clarification


DCC 27

 Board letter No.TC-I/2020/101/efile/I-Part(1) (3332083) dt 09.02.21

 Wagon Registration Fee in case of Private Sidings -Clarification


DCC 26

 Bd’ letter No.2020/TC(FM)/11/29 dt 2.2.21

 Discount scheme for bulk booking of Parcel Space in advance


DCC 25

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2020/108/efile/1(3323287) dt 05.2.21

 Integration of Electronic in motion weighbridge (EIMWB) with Freight Operation Information System (FOIS)


DCC 24

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2020/101/efile/1-Part(1)(3332083) of 04.02.21

 Wagon Registration fee in case of Iron ore/Pellet


DCC 23

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4/3319486 dt 02.2.21

 Running of freight trains on 25 tonnes Axle load Routes


DCC 22

  Lr No.TCR/1618/2021/STS/NWR/3340881 dt 02.02.21

  Clarification -Methodology of Calculation under STS


DCC 21

 Board’s letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4-Part/3338337 dated 02.02.21

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


DCC 20

 Letter No.TC-II/291002021/Discounted fare/digital Payment/(3340406) dt 22.01.21

 Provision of discount of 0.5% to customers of Suburban sections on booking of Season tickets when Payment is made through digital means.


DCC 19

 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2020/103/efile/I-Part(1) (3328202) dated 28.01.21

 Preparation of Demurrage & Wharfage bill through system


DCC 18

 Letter No.TC-I/2020/103/efile/1(3326889) of date 29.01.21

 Generation of Money Receipt through system (TMS/FOIS)


DCC 17

 Letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4-Part/3338337 & 3329526 dt 25.01.21

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


DCC 16

 Letter No. TC-I/2019/201/6 (3298964) dt 22.01.21

 Debit/Credit System in case of private sidings-Clarification


DCC 15

 Letter No.TCR/1017/2020/2 Part(1) 3325609 of 22.01.21

 Policy guidelines-Two Point Combination


DCC 14

 Letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4-Part/3338337 dt 22.01.21.

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes


DCC 13

 Letter No.2020/TC(FM)/14/08 dt 18.01.21

 Development of Goods-Sheds at Small/road-side stations through Private Investment Amendment in Para 2.2(a)


DCC 12

 Board letter No.2020/TCFM/18/16 dt 18.01.21

 Addendum to Para 4.5 of Private Siding Policy issued vide FM Circular  No.11 2010 dt 22.08.20 Amendment No.7


DCC 11

 Letter No.TCR/1394/2020-4-Part 2 (33335729) of 19.01.2021

 Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle load wagons


DCC 10

 Letter No.TCR/1017/2020/2/3319987 dt 29.01.21

 Policy guidelines – Two Point Combination



 Letter No.TCR/1015/2021/Talc Powder/334016 dt 19.01.21

 Classification of Talc Powder in the GOODS Tariff No.49



 Letter No.TCR/1078/2020/Ro-Ro/DFCCIL/3333602 dt 14.01.2021

 Ro-Ro Services between New Palanpur-New Rewari stations over DFCCIL



 Letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4-Part/3338337 of 14.01.2021

 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes



 Letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4-Part(2)/3335729 dt 14.01.2021

 Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle load wagons



 Letter No.C-200/DC-WF/Policy/21 of dt 29.12.20

 Guidelines regarding Demurrage and Wharfage Power to enhance freetime for Alternate goods shed



 Letter No. C.304/FOIS/2019/Vol.VI dt 29.12.20

 Preparation of Online Goods Balance Sheet



 Board’s letter No.TC-I/2020/302/efile dated 07.01.21

 Haulage charge for movement of Cube containers



 Board’s letter No.TCR/1394/2020/4-Part (2)/3335729 dated 07.01.2021.

Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle load wagons over DFCCIL



Board’s letter No.TC-I/2019/201/6-Part (1) dated 04.01.2021

 Guidelines regarding Demurrage and Wharfage-Round the clock working


Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 17-03-2021  

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