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         Mechanical Branch

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Mechanical Branch

दक्षिण पश्चिम रेल्वे


यांत्रिक शाखा


मैसूर मंडल



Mysore Division came into existence in the year 1951 as a part of Southern Railway.   In 1981, the Mysore Division was bifurcated into Mysore and Bangalore Divisions. Mechanical Branch of MYS Division is lead by Sr.DME assisted by One ADME at MYS and ASK and One CDO at MYS.

This Division is presently maintaining 35 Primary rakes (Including 09 LHB Rakes) and 05 Secondary rakes with total holding of 641 coaches with coaching depots at Mysuru and Arsikere.

The Division is having two wagon maintenance depots at HRR and MNGT. MNGT (Mysore New Goods terminal) is a major wagon depot in Mysuru Division. ROH activities are being carried out at MNGT for BCN, BOBYN, BRN, BOXN and BLC wagons.

Division is having Ghats Section between SAKLESHPUR & SUBRAMANYA ROAD with a ruling gradient of 1 in 50 for a distance of 55 KMs in Hassan-Mangalore Section. Brake power upgradation of Goods Trains is being carried out at Sakaleshpur.

 The division is having A-Class ART is stationed at ASK, B-Class ART is stationed at Sakaleshpur. SPART is stationed at Mysore and Harihar.

ARMV scale -1 is stationed at ASK, SKLR& SMET.

The Division is having Electronic In motion weighbridge at four locations- SLU,CTA,HAS,MMEC.

List of Officers in Mysore Division



Contact No

Shri. Bhesh Dutt

Sr. Divisional Mechanical Engineer/MYS


Shri. Kumar Digvijay

Coaching Depot Officer / MYS


Shri. Nagaraju.G

Asst. Divisional Mechanical Engineer/Mysuru


Shri. Ramesh Kumar K B Nair

Asst. Divisional Mechanical Engineer / ASK



The Mysore Rail Museum was setup in 1979 as the first regional rail museum with an aim to preserve few relics from the era of steam transportation.

Fast forward to 2019-20. The museum has been completely redesigned and refurbished. Museum remained closed for a year during which works were planned and executed in a strict timeline and to high standards. Reconceptualized and renovated rail museum was opened on 14th March 2020. Expanding the geographical reach it is now spread over three acres, the revitalized museum aims at setting a new qualitative benchmark not only in terms of exhibit display and design but also in the matter of variety of its collection and re-imagined landscape. It tells the story of the evolution of Indian Railways by creating a captivating and experiential atmosphere, complementing heritage locomotives and carriages with contemporary art, multimedia, video, and sound.

The galleries in different sections are added and connected visually and spatially by the pathways. A vintage gabled style iconic wayside railway station creates the nostalgia of the bygone era. One can go in for a serious info-gaze into the exhibits, learning about rail-related trivia, or enjoy the ride on toy train which chugs along a circular track, complete with level crossing and a green tunnel. The visitors can explore a section and return to the central plaza for a fresh view from watchtower or stop by for a casual read and coffee or take a peek into the rail coach restaurant.

The museum creates visually stunning spectacles with some outstanding railway behemoths in the background which have been restored painstakingly. It attempts to kindle your interests in the nuances of the Railway world. Souvenir shop offers wide variety of mementos.


Activities of Mysuru Coaching Depot

SS-I/IOH of AC & Non-AC coaches (30 Coaches /Month).

PFTR attention for 480 coaches/day at MYS station (25 trains).

Primary maintenance for 527 coaches (7.7 trains/day) with 28 rakes.

Secondary maintenance for 107 coaches with 5 rakes (01 train /day).

Sickline activities.

SPART maintenance.

Central store for coaching materials.

Summary of Primary maintenance

Total No of Primary maintenance trains: 13 trains

Total No rakes: 28 (18 ICF + 09 LHB + 01 Vande Bharath).

Summary of Secondary maintenance

An average secondary maintenance per day: 01 Rake

Total no of rakes: 05 Nos

Total no of coaches: 107 Nos

All the secondary maintenance trains are having OBHS facilities by concerned railways.

Summary of OBHS

OBHS facilities operated by Mysore Division: 11 Trains through outsourcing



Arsikere is the minor coaching depot with a holding of 104  coaches and presently  07 rakes of 02  trains are maintained.  IOH activities are being carried out for ART/ARMV and ICF  coaches at the rate 8 per month. ‘A’ Class ART  with 140 T Crane is stationed at Arsikere.


IOH of AC/Non-AC coaches (08 Coaches /Month).

PFTR attention for 29 coaches /day.

Primary maintenance of  29 coaches per day.

Sickline activities.

140 T Crane maintenance.

Rolling in and rolling out examination.



There is major a oil loading side maintained by M/s HPCL and  at HPCL siding on an average of 60 BTPN rakes/month are offered for loading.

Electronic-in-Motion Weighing Bridge is also located here. The Electronic in Motion Weighbridge works as a Secondary Weighbridge to PNMB weighbridge located in Southern Railway.


PFTR attention for 32 coaches per day.

Locomotive is reversed here for trains coming from MYS and going towards MAJN and vice-versa.


Shimoga Town is a C&W point located in-between RRB and TLGP Section. Platform turn round attention is being carried out for  92 coaches which is terminated at SMET.  It is also nominated rolling examination point in RRB-TLGP section.

Scale-I ARMV is stationed at SMET.



At TLGP station, C&W activities are controlled by SSE/C&W/SMET. 02 nos. of Technicians and 02 C&W Helper are posted in TLGP. Plat form Turn round attention is being carried out for 84 Coaches.



MNGT is an ‘A’ class ROH depot. Six roads are available at this station. Road Nos. 5 & 6 is goods shed lines. Road Nos. 2, 3 & 4 are nominated for intensive examination at yard for outgoing freight trains.  Road No.1 is an unloading line.


ROH shed with OH crane facilities and 03 intensive examination lines.


Rolling in/out examination of terminating freight trains.

Premium /Intensive Freight examination of 45 rakes per month .

Sick line attention

ROH attention of BCN, BOBYN, BRN, BOXN and BLC Wagons

Issuance of BPC at MNGT for Special Premium rakes

Ultrasonic testing of released wheels

Retro-fitment of twin pipe air brake system

Bell crank lever modification of Escort make for BMBS wagon

Blocking of two doors of BOXN wagons



HRR is having two intensive examination yard and Sick line. Which is consisting of two lines each is having 5 wagons capacity. 

Rolling in/out Examination lights with Rolling Huts are provided in both the directions of all the individual line.

14 coaches capacity (500 mtrs) watering provision with Overhead tank having capacity of 45000 ltrs with 6.0 mtrs height.


Rolling in/out examination of all trains

Watering of nominated trains

Yard maintenance

Sick line activities



Weigh Bridge maintenance (SLU, CTA & MMEC)

Maintenance of wagon tippler at KMPS Siding

HABD (Hot Axle Box Detector) installed on 20.07.2023 at Tholahunase (THN)  station and Sasalu (SLU) station.

Blocking of two doors of BOXN wagons


JRU is controlled by SSE/C&W/HRR

C&W Emergency attention as per the requirement in between JRU-RDG, JRU-HRR and JRU-ASK section.



The length of the SKLR-SBHR Ghat section is 55 Kms. The section consists of 5 block stations. The ruling gradient of the section is 1 in 50. 8 degree curves are in the section. On an average 4+5 UP / DOWN freight trains are running in this section daily. Daily one pair of express trains is running in day & night. The Locos fitted with AEB only are allowed to work in this section.

B- class ART and Scale 1 ARMV are  stabled is here.


Covered Shed of 30mts length x 15 mts consisting of examination pit, heavy duty flooring and service building.

Road No.2 nominated for UP goods train checking and brake van attachments.

Road No.3 for spare wagons.

Road No.4 & 5 nominated for brake gear up-gradation.

Apart from this, two lines are nominated especially for ART/ARMV with single exit system.


Rolling in/out examination.

Up-gradation of Brake Power for freight trains moving towards SBHR.

Ensuring the working of Auto Emergency Brake for all Mail Express/Passenger and freight trains with a speed of 30kmph.

HABD installed on 02.10.2023 at Balupete (BLLT) station

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 11-06-2024  

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