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         Diesel Shed (Hubballi)

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Requirement for hauling heavy loads on steep gradients and in its quest necessitating technology up-gradation, the state of art micro processor controlled locos from M/s. GM/USA (WDG4/WDP4) were introduced on Indian Railways.  Under the concept of transfer of technology to Indian Railways, Diesel Loco manufacturing unit at DLW/BSB became the first unit to undertake the production of this type of locomotives.

This shed has been constructed by imbibing various features of diesel sheds across the globe. It was the first shed on Indian Railways where these locos were based and their maintenance undertaken.

Staff and supervisors of the shed have innate thirst for work and a flair for innovation. They, with their relentless efforts are maintaining these high tech locomotives to world standards with high level of availability, reliability and productivity. Man power yardstick for this loco is 3.3 which is the lowest on Indian railways for any type of locomotives.

        · Salient features of the shed are:

ØTotal area of the shed                                                   : 75 acres (303550 sqmtrs.)

ØTotal covered area of the shed                                      : 14500 sq meter

ØTotal plinth area of the administrative building            : 1700 sq meter

ØTotal Covered area of Training School                         : 2633.7 Sq meter

ØTotal Covered area of Training Hostel                          : 1609.5 Sq meter

ØNo. of stocked item                                                       : 934

ØTotal Staff Strength                                                       : 771

(Including Other than R&M Staff ).

ØCurrent Shed Holding                                                    :  278 Locos (232 + 46 AC Locos).

· Unique features of the shed.

This Diesel shed is a benchmark shed in terms of maintenance friendly facilities and elegant administrative building. Layout of the shed has been finalized by amalgamating the features of major North American Diesel Sheds at Alliance, North Platte, Kansas City, Corwith and Clyde Diesel Shed in Australia. Construction of shed was completed in June ’99 and the Administrative building was completed in Aug’2002.

ØState of the art administrative building.

ØPit less concept of light repair bays with sunken sub level for ease of working.

ØDrop pit table facility for quick changing of wheels and Traction Motors.

ØWash house with cat walks facility.

ØWare house annexed to shed at deck level with storage racks and stacker.

ØDeck level access to maintenance area.

·Shed holding

The shed which had a modest beginning with 12 imported locos in 1999 has grown in strength mainly after its manufacturing in DLW and the present loco holding is 275 as detailed below:

         · Type Wise Loco holding  


.·Training Facilities

       Diesel loco Shed, Hubballi being a nodal shed for homing of these unique locomotives is having facilities for training of running staff as well as maintenance staff.

· MDDTIHubballi(Multi–Disciplinary Divisional Training Institute) Diesel SheHubballiTraining Centre):

Training Facility:

Diesel loco Shed, Hubballi being a nodal shed for homing of these unique locomotives is having facilities for training of running staff as well as maintenance staff.

Diesel Training Centre:

  ØInitially for acquiring the knowledge and skill on the maintenance of GM locomotives, 20 Staff and Supervisors from Operating and Maintenance side were trained at the training facility in General Motors, USA.

ØTo facilitate indigenous training on the maintenance and operation of GM locomotives, a unique training facility has been created which consists of an elegant Training School equipped with Loco component display rooms, Auditorium, Library, Seminar room and faculty rooms, in motion.

ØGM Loco Simulator and excellent training hostel to provide accommodation to trainees. Diesel training centre was commissioned on 07-Nov-2005. However, training was being imparted from 2003. As on 30-Nov-2023, 5968 Loco pilots, 4672 Asst. Loco pilots, 270 Pro Asst. Loco Pilots and 839 Loco Inspectors have been imparted training at this Training Centre apart from maintenance technicians and supervisors and PPT for  17 LP’s given.

From April -2023 to Nov-2023 a total of 378 running staff i.e., Loco Inspectors – Nil, Loco Pilots – 353, ALP – 25.

  ØMaintenance staff were trained namely (Mech. Supervisor – 1271, Technician-2741, Helper-569, Ch.OS-1, Junior Clerk – 6, Act Apprentice-70, App JE-110, Internship Training-638) (Elect- Supervisor -550, Technician -1417, Helper-259) from 2006 and PPT for supervisor and technician of HHP  loco shed/UBL is  12 were trained. And also 60 Asst. Loco Shed (Helper trainee) were under training , 01 Trainee Tech-III under training and 01 Trainee Helper Under Training.

        From April- 23 to Nov-2023 a total of 207 were trained i.e. Supervisor-17,   Technician-56, Helpers-30, Junior Clerk-02, App. JE - 05 and Internship Training – 83,  12 Workshop internship students visited DSL Shed as part of  Industrial visit,  01 Trainee Tech-III is under training , 01- Trainee Helper is under training.

ØThe refresher course for staff and supervisor was started from 02-Mar-2020. As on 31.05.2023, 56 Supervisors and 636 staff have been trained. A total of 692 supervisors & Staff were trained and also from others Divisions 14 (Supervisors, Staff & pre promotional training) where trained.

ØIn the year 2021-22, training conducted for a total of 13271 trainee days and in the Year 2022-23, training conducted for a total of  18246 trainee days including simulator.

From April-2023 to Nov-2023, training conducted for a total of 10158 trainee days simulator.


ØGM Loco Simulator was commissioned during Oct 2005 for imparting more meaningful training to Loco Pilots for improving their Loco / train handling skills under difficult working situations. With the increase in length and tonnage of the trains, the severity of the slack action and the resultant shock on couplers become very high. Hence it becomes very much necessary that Loco Pilots should acquire more and more skills in controlling in-train forces caused by slack action and know the train behaviour on different track profiles.

ØSimulator helps in measuring Loco Pilots’ performance and identifying the draw backs in their train handling methods and addressing them in a systematic way. This helps Loco Pilots to improve their confidence in proper train handling and there by a safe and efficient Train operation is achieved. 

ØFrom Nov-2005, a total of 14648 running staff, i.e. 608 Loco Inspectors, 6060 Loco Pilots & 6063 Assistant Loco Pilots have been trained till Nov -2023. 1917 EBV (Emergency Brake Valve) training for ALP’s.

From April -2023 to Nov-2023 a total of 1022 running staff i.e. Loco Inspectors – Nil, Loco Pilots – 371, ALP – 356. EBV (Emergency Brake Valve) – 295.rake Valve) – 295.

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 12-12-2023  

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