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         FAQ’s in RTI Cases

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FAQ’s in RTI Cases

  1)Designing seat sizes of AC Coaches and Non AC Coaches

  2)“Fitment  of  BIO Toilet”  

  3)During the time of journey in trains, inconveniences like sufficient water is not available in toilet

  4)OBHS (On Board House-Keeping Services) & (CTS) Clean Train Stations

  5)Mechanized Cleaning Services, Bedroll & Linen Services,

  6)How many pit lines would be necessary to make a terminal out of station?

  7)How many trains can be maintained with one pit line?

  8)Source of water used in coach cleaning in Railway yards?

  9)Alternate option of cleaning of coaches?

  10)How much monthly fuel consumption from all fuel depots of 3 months?

  11)Is there any Sewage Treatment Plant and Water reuse mechanism of Coach Wash or waste water at stations like UBL VSG GDG BJP SBC BNC YPR MYS ?

  12)Sources of water used in Coach cleaning in Railway yards: (Recycled water for cleaning activity of Coaches).

  13)Uses and Recycling process of waste water in Railway Yards: (Waste water is being treated with recycling plant and reused for cleaning of Coaches).

  14)Alternate option of cleaning of Coaches. (Diesel Operated Jet Washing Plants)

  15)Source of water used in Coach Cleaning in Railway yards. (Exterior & Interior Cleaning).

  16)Action taken by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India under ‘The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act 2013. SBC:( Contractual Staffs are engaged in cleaning of water flush sanitary latrines & Railway tracks in Station Areas of A1 & A category stations of SBC/Division.  Hand gloves, Disposable mask & Gum boots are provided to all the contractual staff engaged in cleaning of water flush sanitary latrines and Railway tracks in Station areas of A1 & A category stations of SBC/Division).

Cleaning of all Coaches including that of toilets are done through Mechanized Cleaning contract at SBC/Division.

However, the Machine operators are using PPE’s like Face/nose mask, Glouse, gaggles, Gum boots etc.

UBL: Under EnHM wing the sanitary latrines in all 7 ‘A’ Class stations not available.   Only flush Latrine available in waiting Room & service buildings.

  17)New technology like contact less wheel measuring to be introduced in Loco Shed and Coaching depots for reliability.

  18) Manual Scavenging

  19)Primary Maintenance & Secondary Maintenance


  21)Environment Clearance

   22)IT Services, Digital India Services, Digital Technology, Social Media Initiatives

(Answer: Budget allocation under PH-17 computerization which is controlled by Railway Board & in Zonal level under the powers of GM).

   23) Alternate option of cleaning of Coaches (Answer: Diesel operated Jet                   Washing Plants).  ?

   24)Uses and Recycling process of waste water in Railways Yards (Answer: Waste water is being treated with recycling plant & reused for cleaning of Coaches).

   25)Duty booking rules of A L P (Running Staff)  - Duty  booking rules of ALP in corporate in Crew Management System Software developed by CRIS is being followed by IR as per HOER Rules(Hours of Employment and Period of Rest Rules 2005).

   26)Documents of AGREED LIST /SECRET LISTparting to medical department & mechanical department for 2016-2018.

   27)List of SWR Station Cleaning Contractors with his Contact Numbers ?  List of Laundry Cleaning Contractors with his Contact Numbers?

   28)Implementation of Paperless working in SWR ?

   29)Progress of Digitalization in SWR Offices ?

   30) The packets of bed sheets given in the A/C Coach by South Western Railways, Which is made from paper, Is this paper recycling, please provide the information?

   31)Kindly confirm the No. of cases of wheel breakage/gauge widening cases as reported in Diesel Loco in last 5 years in Loco Sheds of your zonal Railway ?

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 29-10-2018  

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