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Instructions for New Registration


1. Grouping of Stores:- Stores are grouped in different trade groups as in the list attached for floating tenders through Limited Tender System, separate lists of suppliers are being maintained for each item of Stores.

Firms may apply on the prescribed form for registration enclosed separately as Part-III for the supply of one or more items of stores giving reference to the section and serial number of the item of the attached list.

2. Security Deposits:- Firms desiring to be enlisted for the supply of Stores to SWR must complete the application form attached. No security deposit is required to be taken from contractors at the time of placement of orders for item for which they have registered with this organization. This is however necessary for items for which they are not particularly registered. Security Deposit is payable @5% of the value of an order in cash subject to a maximum of Rs. 1, 00,000/- in cash case.

3. Bulletins of Stores:- South Western Railways has introduced the system of floating limited tenders through Stores Bulletins, dealing with the requirements of items, of total value less than Rs. 5Lakhs, inviting offers from approved suppliers only, for supply at competitive rates. The firms which are not in the list of approved suppliers and who do not subscribe for Bulletins will not be provided with the bulletin and their offers are liable to be ignored.

a) Please not that this registration is subject to your having studied the Indian Railway Standard Conditions of Contract, as amended form time-to-time governing the Contract placed by this administration and that you will abide by this in all respects.

b) Please not that the registration is initially for a period on experimental basis from the date of issue of this letter for their continuation of the same shall be subject to your performance during this period. It will be your responsibility to submit the current Incom-Tax Clearance certificate and to apply for renewal of Registration will in advance of the date of expiry of the above period.

c) Registration on the Approved List does not guarantee the grant of contracts.

d) All subsequent changes in the constitution of working of the firm and change of Firm’s address if any, should be promptly communicated to the undersigned.

e) The firm should not quote for any other items and trade groups they are originally allotted.

F) List Annual Reports, Profot and Loss accounts and Balance Sheet should be forwarded to this office every Year.

  1. Right to refuse registration and removal form the approved list:- The controller of Stores reserves the right to decline to register any firm or to remove the name of any firm either for a specific period or permanently form the approved list without assigning any reason and his decision shall be final.
  2. I.R.S. Conditions of Contract:- Firm will have to abide by the I.R.S. conditions of Contract and rules and regulations issued by the controller of Stores from time-to-time in regard to the purchase of Stores.

The cash Receipt for the purchase of application form, should invariably be affixed thereon while submitting the application form.

  1. Signing of the application form:

Proprietorship Firm:- The application form should be signed by the proprietor.

b)Partnership firm:- The application form should be signed by all the partners or by any one of the partners who holds a general Power of Attorney authorizing his to sign for and behalf of the firm in all contractual obligations.

c) Limited Concerns:- The application form should be signed by any one of the Directors or Managing Directors of the firm.

The application may also be signed by a person other than those mentioned above, only when such a person holds general Power of Attorney in his favour form the firm giving him authority to do so in which cases such Power of Attorney in original together with a copy thereof should be forwarded along with application.

  1. Ownership documents:- All firms should produce documentary evidence for ownership of their god owns and factories and machineries installed therein.

a) In case of manufacturing form, original rent receipts and cash vouchers etc., together with copies thereof, for the plants and machineries installed in the factory should be forwarded.

b) In case of Stockiest, rent receipts for the god owns together with proof of ownership of the

Alternative an affidavit sworn before the First Class Magistrate to the effect that plant, machinery, building etc., are owned by the applicant firms may be forwarded.

8. Income-Tax Clearance Certificate:- Current Income-tax Clearance Certificate bearing the Seal and dated signature of the Income –Tax Officer concerned, should invariably accompany the application.

In the case of partnership firm the current Income-Tax Clearance Certificate in respect of each individual partner should also be furnished in addition to the Income-Tax Clearance Certificate in the name of the Firm.

The Income-Tax Clearance Certificate should show the details of the income assessed, tax demanded and paid for the previous four years.

Firms should renew their Income-tax Clearance Certificate as and when they expire.

9. Other Documents to be forwarded:-

a) In case of a limited company a copy of Memorandum and articles of association and a certificate of incorporation and in case of a Partnership concern a copy of the entry in form ‘A’ from the registrar of firms concerned should accompany the application. In addition to this, list of sitting Directors in case of a limited concern and a certified copy of the partnership deed in case of a partnership concern should be submitted.

b) An affidavit from each Partner/Director/Proprietor on Non-Judicial Stamp paper of requisite value sowrn before a I Class Magistrate stating as to whether or not he is a Partner or Director or Proprietor in any other concern. In case they/he is/are representing other concerns, the details there of should be shwn in the affidavit.

c) Affidavit of the Proprietor/Partner/Director( on a non-judicial stamp paper duly attested by a G.O./N.P.) declaring that the dealings of the Firm or their Directors/Partners/Proprietor have not been banned by the Ministry of Railways/supply or any Government Department.

10. Registration of Branches:- In case where the firms desire registration of their branches in addition to their Head Office they should forward a declaration to the effect that the Branch Managers are competent to bind the firm in all contractual obligations and that the Head Office will be responsible for the commitment of their Branch Managers and for the satisfactory execution of the contracts placed on them.

11. Checklist:- The fir should also fill in the check list given at pages 1&2 of the booklet(Part-III) application, for having satisfied all the conditions.

12. All the documents shall be submitted with self attestation and office seal. 

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 04-12-2023  

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