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System Improvement

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Sl. No.


Irregularity / weakness

System improvement


Utilization of Manufactured Sand (M-sand)

Use of M-sand was permitted over SWR from 2015, which was found in violation of codal provisions issued under Clause No.26.1.3 of USS for Works and Materials Vol.II and clause 2.1.2 of IS:383.

It was observed that due to misinterpretation, quality of crushed stone sand was being tested with stipulated specifications of M –sand.

A system improvement was instruction bringing out clear distinction between M-sand and crushed stone sand.



Plugging corruption in bills dealings

Presently bills in works contracts are prepared by Railway Supervisors on behalf of contractors.

This practice is causing delay & grievances and is modus operandi of corruption, specially collusive / forced corruption.


A suggestion was made to issue directions that this convention of bill initiation and preparation by Railway Supervisor is changed to submission and claiming of bills by contractor.



Withdrawal of Epoxy based Rail Painting

Use of Epoxy based rail painting was instructed in SWR during year 2019 to prevent rails from corrosion.

P. Way manual stipulates about painting of rails with anticorrosive bituminous painting.


On analysis , use of epoxy based rail painting was not found effective in term of its technical requirement compared to bituminous painting.

In term of cost, epoxy based rail painting was found 600 times higher.

Withdrawal of instruction has saved almost Rs.13 Crores for the year 2020-21.


Pile integrity testing

Post construction, to assess the quality of Pile in bridges, pile integrity test method exists with the use of ultrasonic tools.

In SWR there was no practice of doing pile integrity test.


Implementation of suggestion enhanced the level of assessment to arrive at the quality of piles in bridges post construction.



Utilisation of steels in works

Over SWR, provision exist for utilisation of non approved brand of steels with payment at 85% of base rate.

This was not found in line with railway board letter no.2007/CE-I/CT/8 dtd 01.05.2012.

Railway board stipulates procurement of steels from established, reliable, Indigenous & primary producers of steel having Integrated steel plants.

Implementation of railway board letter is advised to eliminate the scope of use of substandard quality of steel in works.



Blanketing in yards reducing in fructuous expenditure

Blanketing material was being provided on loop lines / other than main lines in yards having lesser speed potential.


Provision of blanketing material is made based on bearing capacity / quality of sub grade soil, primarily to take care of stresses generated due to dynamic forces of traffic at reasonably high speed.

This practice resultant into infructuous expenditure.

Saving of Rs.40-50 lakhs per yard is expected with implementation of blanketing work in the formation of main line only, having higher speed.



Measurement of Ballast over SWR


During various checks it was noticed that the measurement of height of ballast stacks is being done with the help of thread and level staff.


A system improvement was issued to measure the height of Ballast stack with the help of levelling instrument and levelling staff and measurements to be recorded in the machined numbered level book at site only.


Operation of unapt schedule items in ballast depot collection agreements other than main work


During a check on tender finalization with regard to ballast collection in the depots it was noticed that, boxing of ballast and unloading of ballast has been included in the schedule of tender. Practically, operations of these two items are not feasible and give scope for manipulation during billing if the same is included in depot ballast collection.


A system improvement was advised that the items of unloading and boxing of ballast shall not be included in the future contract of ballast collection in depot.


These items of unloading and boxing of ballast shall be included in the annual track maintenance contracts of respective sections or any other special track contracts dealing these items.


Conduct of DAR enquiries through Video Conferencing / E mode


Due to COVID-19 spread and apprehension, DAR enquiries in vigilance cases were held up. This resulted in delay in finalizing DAR cases.


A system improvement was suggested for conducting DAR enquiries through video conferencing and the same has implemented.



On SWR, by convention a practice of handing over the very DA file of NG staff to enquiry officer was in vogue.


This activity of sending DA file to nominated enquiry officer, adds to delay, even in starting the case. The sanctity of the DA file gets diluted due to exposure of internal noting and decisions.


A system improvement was suggested for discontinuation of this practice and to issue suitable directions.



Sl. No.


Irregularity / weakness

System improvement


Implementation of standard operating procedure for works over IR:


During various checks over SWR, it was noticed that due to lack of readily available guidelines and refined intricacy of existing procedure, few lapses have taken place which were avoidable. Presently, Railway’s works are being executed within the frame of instruction available in bits and pieces under GCC, Manuals, Engineering Codes & local instructions


As per the practice of CPWD which is has standard operating procedure, Railway Board has been advised to consider implementation of standard operating procedure for works in IR for effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.


Dealing with noting of transaction of movable /immovable property.

PCPO, PFA & PCSC advised to collect details on Annual EMI of loan property for which permission is sought, annual amount of EMI for which loan is sought and annual premium, SIPs, etc.



Increasing sensitization and awareness. Focus on integrity Pledge.

Introduction of Integrity pledge at the time of joining / appointment in Railways

All 3 divisions have complied with same at stages of joining of new entrants.



Plugging loose end in royalty charges matters.

Strengthening of procedure for dealing with the royalty charges pertaining to Mines and Geology Department by ensuring the material dispatch receipt in addition to royalty payment receipt for ballast supply.



System improvement in Zone of consideration (field) in Gr. B selection (70%)

In regard to selection of Gr.B posts (70%) in all Dept. (except Personnel Dept.) while taking in to account Zone of consideration, candidates having passed the exam but not finally selected due to want of vacancies were treated as having failed.

A system improvement to review the matter and to make necessary changes in the method was suggested.



Implementation of Computer Based Test in Departmental Selections

Implementation of Railway Board’s instruction on conduct of Departmental selections through CBT has been implemented in SWR.

Selection for APO (Gr.B) has been conducted through CBT

Other Gr. C selections in SBC division has also been done through CBT

Same is under implementation in other Divisions / Units



Non implementation of revised flat rates of license fee for HQrs. officers residential accommodation over SWR.

System improvement advising recalculation of rent recovery for the quarters including recoveries for car shed & servant quarters has been advised. Fixation of recovery charges for the maintenance of lawn as per the provisions of Engineering Code has also been advised.



During various checks it was noticed that Railway Ministry’s decision no.11 in RBE 135/2007 regarding submission of annual property returns by supervisory staff in Level 7 was not being followed.


Instructions were issued to PCPO, PFA & PCSC to ensure compliance of the same as such statements would support investigations in Disproportionate Asset cases.




Sl. No.


Irregularity / weakness

System improvement implemented


Medical examination and standard operating procedures.

A system improvement on preventive vigilance in medical department was released based on past few cases, specially laying the check points for medical examination and improving the standard operating procedures.




Delay in seeking of Enquiry Officer panel by DAs in the DAR cases arising out of Vigilance investigation.

A system improvement in streamlining and expediting DAR process has been implemented wherein panel of Enquiry Officers available is circulated all PHODs/CHODs and DRMs thus avoiding considerable delay in reference regarding nomination / appointment of Enquiry Officers by DAs.




Delay in vetting of NS indents by Depots


A new procedure order dispensing with NS vetting by depots (thereby saving minimum 3 weeks lead time) duly providing checks & balances implemented on SWR.




Declaration of Immovable property returns by Officers and provision of E-filing of IPRs

In the Immovable property returns furnished by the officers only acquisition for the current year was being furnished.

A system improvement for cumulative declaration of immovable property returns has been issued. This enables proper scrutiny of immovable property returns.

Also system improvement on E-filing of IPR suggested has been implemented.




Android Mobile based App for facilitating E complaints on corruption

Continuing leveraging of technology, an android based App titled VIGIL has been launched, which facilitates uploading of evidential documents, photographs, videos instantly and also has a feature to reflect positive side i.e. integrity incidences. The App process is based on extant directives and takes care of whistle blowers also.



Launch of handbook on Vigilance Clearance:


The first ever handbook on Vigilance clearance was prepared and released by vigilance branch of SWR.

It provides practical tips to expeditiously and qualitatively deal this important management tool, duly explaining the concepts, elaborating extant guidelines and also contain unique FAQ section.

E version of this handbook on Vigilance Clearance has been emailed to all SDGMs/CVOs and uploaded on SWR website.



Availability of Contract copies with the concerned Supervisor/Officer

During various checks it is seen that copies of the contracts are not available with officers/supervisors who are supposed to execute/supervise the contract.

A system improvement has been issued to ensure timely availability of contract copies with concerned officer/supervisor and also ensure that they remain well versed with the same.



Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 07-07-2021  

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