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Performance Highlights

Crime against booked consignments

Reported lost

20032 1,3802 1,380
2004 up to Aug639,324532,724
Crime against Railway Materials

Reported lost


2004 up to Aug752,65,153712,44,743

Detections under Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act

 200220032004 up to Aug
Cases detected1099889
Value of property recovered5,46,1007,30,2727,55,646
Persons arrested151150180

Prosecutions under Railways Act


200220032004 up to Aug
Raids 7136 8991 6760 
Unauthorized vendors35510440047898350817105725
Nuisance creators632681004174285030127650
Miscellaneous offenders5317461543903354103985335751

Action towards augmenting Railway earnings.



20032004 up to Aug
No of raids conducted to curb ticket less travel


Amount of fine realized 




Unauthorized Encroachments
200220032004 up to Aug

No. of structures demolished / removed  and land restored to Railways



Good work done by RPF during the current year (up to August) in the Division

On 22.5.2004 Shri G. Someswaran, Constable 258/Bangarpet and Shri K.S. Vijayakumar Jattappa, Constable / Bangarpet restored two children by name B. Naveen and B., Suresh aged 9 yrs and 11 yrs. of Bangalore who are running away from their home by train at Bangalore City, back to their parents.

On 01.6.2004 a nine year old girl by name Amtin Khatun wrongly boarded Ajmeer Express at Bangalore Railway Station leaving behind her parents. On reporting the matter by her parents Sri Z. Rahamathulla Khan, ASI/RPF, swung into action and informed RPF Out Post at Tumkur where the girl was safely detrained and later the parents rushed to Tumkur. Thus the ASI/RPF restored the lost Child to her parents.

On 22.6.2004 Shri S. Rahamathulla, Inspector/RPF of Bangalore City Railway station found two children by name Rajkumar, aged 10 years and Pallavi, aged 7 years at Bangalore City Railway station. The children who had left home to go to school had lost their way and were moving in the Railway station searching for help. Later the Inspector restored the two children to their parents.

On 28.6.2004 Smt,. Vanitha, a Women Constable of RPF who was on duty at Railway Divisional Office complex detected one cheat by name Prakash H. Salwadgi who had promised many people of getting jobs in Railways and collected huge amounts. The cheat was arrested and he was found in possession of blank Railway Railway Recruitment Board application forms and fake seals etc. Later he was handed over to the Police for prosecution.

Sri S. Rahamathulla, Inspector/RPF of Bangalore City Railway station identified 12 beggars in Bangalore City Railway station who used to pester the passengers. and in consultation with the Nirasrithara Parihara Kendra authorities sent them to the Beggars home for reformation. This is to keep the Bangalore City Railway station free the Passengers .

On 10.7.2004 a criminal who was trying to escape from the clutches of a GRP Constable after committing the theft of a bag from a passenger at Bangalore City Railway Station was over powered by Sri Chaturgan Prasad, ASI/RPF (Special Force) and facilitated the GRP in launching a case against the Criminal and restoring luggage to the passenger.

On 28.7.2004 Sri S. Rahamathulla, Inspector/RPF of Bangalore City Railway station nabbed one Babu a merchant who was trying to book 13 Gutka parcel to Visakapatnam, Mumbai, Mysore and Hubli, by falsely declaring as Sweet Supari and Bangalore City Parcel office. The offender was not only prosecuted under Railways Act and also on giving the information, the Commercial Tax authorities levied a fine of Rs.2,64,600 on the merchant.

In a drive to prevent people carrying inflammable articles in trains, RPF Head Constable Sri C. Vairamudaiah of Bangalore City RPF Post on 14.8.2004 detected a passenger by name Kalinga Rao, carrying card board box kerosene stove with kerosene which was in leaking condition in Nanded - Bangalore Train No.6591. He was prosecuted in the court of law under the provisions of Railways Act.

On 17.8.2004 a Constable of RPSF responding to the cry raised by a lady passenger in concourse area of Bangalore city Railway station over powered a criminal by name Mohammed Ameer who had snatched the bag from the lady passenger which was containing Rs.800/-. Later, he was handed over to the GRP under the provisions of RPF Act for further prosecution.

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