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MDDTI,Bengaluru के बारे में

  • Supervisors Training Centre of South Western Railway is situated in Bangalore, the garden city of India. It is located near the Bangalore City Railway Station and Divisional Railway Managers office.

    Established in the year 1957, STC/SBC is the major training centre under SWR and mainly caters to the training needs of the supervisors of Mechanical department of SWR and SR. All the mandatory courses, as per the training modules approved by the Railway Board as well as various need based programmes to meet the training needs of Supervisors are being conducted at this training centre. 

    STC/SBC is the o­nly training centre authorized to conduct the Training of Trainers course, for the newly inducted Trainers/ Instructors belonging to training centres of all departments of Indian Railways. From 2004, Advanced Training of Trainers course is also conducted for the trainers who have attended TOT earlier.

    STC/SBC is also nominated by Railway Board to conduct Disaster Management Programme and the same was started during 2004-05. 

    The faculty comprises of experienced gazetted and non-gazetted staff from workshop and open line. The visiting faculty include expert serving and retired Railway officers and supervisors, and also from Private sector undertakings.

    The Methodology includes Lectures, Group Discussions; Group Exercises, Demonstrations o­n Working models, Practical Demonstrations in Shop/ Shed/ Yards and Pit lines, Book-Reviews and Project Works. 

    STC is equipped with the following training aids (audio. visual) and office equipments.

    • Magnetic White Boards
    • Over head projectors
    • LCD Multimedia projectors
    • Interactive boards
    • Visualiser
    • Flip charts
    • Slide Projectors
    • Personal Computers
    • Video Camera
    • TV & V C R
    • Colour Scanner
    • Laser Printer
    • Colour ink jet printer
    • Dot Matrix printer
    • Photostat Machine
    • Laminating Machine
    • Digital Scanner(Rex rotary)
    • Digital photo copier
    The library has a huge collection of about 3500 titles/ 4800 books, covering a wide range of Engineering, Computers, Management and Railway Engineering subjects to meet the requirement of the trainees and enhancement of knowledge during their stay at STC. A Hindi section with 750 books o­n various subjects, Weeklies & Magazines in English and Hindi are also available.

Collection of booksNo of Titles
Science and Engineering1860
Computers & applications315
Railway subjects400
General reading550


    Present Hostel capacity is limited to 106 beds distributed as under;

    • Chamundi Hostel 
      26 rooms with Total capacity of 82 beds.

    • Brindavan Hostel
      3 rooms with a Total Capacity of 12 beds.
      1 Guestroom with a capacity of 2 beds.

    • Sampige Hostel 
      4 rooms with a Total capacity of 12 beds.

    Sampige and Brindavan hostels are not in good condition and require extensive repairs. Cauvery hostel having 5 rooms with 24 bed capacity is very old and in dilapidated condition and hence is not used.

  • MESS:
    One mess - Managed and run by the apprentices under the guidance of the faculty is run o­n cost sharing basis.


    Divisional Railway Hospital is situated within o­ne kilometer inside the Railway Colony is available to provide necessary medical attention to the trainees.

    Facilities available

    • Indoor games like Shuttle badminton, Table Tennis, Caroms and Chess.
    • Out door games like Volleyball, Cricket.
    • A mini fitness centre . Gymnasium.
    • TV with cable
    • Reading room with 5 newspapers and magazines.
  • Computer Lab:
    Training infrastructure available:

    • Network server
    • Computer work stations with multi media kit
    • Local area network
    • Laser jet printer
    • Color inkjet printer
    • External scanner and CD writer
    • Interactive Board
    • Interactive classroom software
    • Bilingual multimedia software o­n fire fighting and hygiene
    • Bilingual multimedia software series o­n First aid and Safety
    • Learning management system
    • Books related to computer basics
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning lab
    Training infrastructure available:

    • Experimental refrigeration cycle trainer
    • Basic air conditioning trainer
    • Railway coach air conditioning trainer
    • Gas charging unit
    • Railway coach air conditioning fault simulator
    • Cut section models of refrigeration components
    • E- Learning resources
  • Mechatronics Lab
    Training infrastructure available:

    • Mechatronics trainer (FESTO make) consisting:

      • Basic pneumatic trainer
      • Electro pneumatic kit
      • Electro pneumatic kit with PLC
      • Basic hydraulic kit
      • Basic electro hydraulic kit
      • Electro hydraulic kit with PLC
      • Self explanatory teaching and operating manuals which include detailed theory and practical exercises supported with text books and workbooks
      • Service and Maintenance tools and manuals
      • Bilingual multimedia software o­n above
    • Electronics trainer consisting:

      • Basic electronic module and power electronic module
      • Electronic circuit simulation software with learning resources
      • Micro processor module
      • Oscilloscope
      • Functional generator
      • Self explanatory teaching and operating manuals
      • Bilingual multimedia software o­n above
      • User manuals for bilingual multimedia software/ modules o­n basic electronics, power electronics and 8085 micro processor
    • PLC trainer consisting of self explanatory teaching/ operating manuals, electronic engineer tool kit, CD ROM based learning software containing drawings, circuit diagrams, graphic, video sequences and Video CD o­n PLC applications

  • Carriage & Wagon Lab
    Training infrastructure available:

    • Air brake trainer for railway coach
    • Railway braking system fault trainer
    • II class sleeper and AC ICF coach wiring circuit trainer
    • Bilingual multimedia software o­n railway braking system
    • Working models o­n air brake systems,

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