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National Emblem of India

हमारे बारे में

समाचार एवं भर्ती


निर्माण परियोजनाएं

वाणिज्यिक,भाड़ा जानकारी एवं सार्वजनिक सूचना

रेल कर्मियों के लिए

हमसे संपर्क करें

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प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम

Training Calender
Download the training calender for 20011-12 in pdf format 
Training Calender 2011-12 (For Download) 

For Apprentice Trainees

Orientation Training for App.JE (All           581               21-Jul-11           24-Oct-11

streams) Inter (OCJEI-I)

Orientation Training for App.JE (All           572              03-Jan-11           05-Apr-11

streams) Inter (OCJEI-II)

                                                           582             04-Nov-11           06-Feb-12

Orientation Training for App.JE (All           573             15-Apr-11            22-Jul-11

streams) Inter (OCJEI-III)

                                                           583              15-Feb-12          21-May-12

Orientation Training for App.JE (All              1              08-Jun-11          08-Aug-11

streams) Promotees (OCJEP)

Orientation Training for App.JE/SSE              1              17-Oct-11           14-Dec-11

(All streams) (OCJSE)

                                                              2              06-Feb-12          31-Mar-12

Theoritical training for JE (C&W) Inter           1               22-Jul-11           03-Oct-11


Theoretical Training for App.JE                   1             05-Apr-11          30-May-11

(C&W) Promotees (TCWJEP)

Theoretical Training for App. SSE & JE          1             05-Apr-11            25-Jul-11


Theoretical Training for App.JE (WS)            1             01-Aug-11           28-Sep-11


For C &W Engineers SR and SWR

Refresher course for C&W Engineers             1             01-Aug-11          25-Aug-11


                                                              2              02-Sep-11           26-Sep-11

                                                              3              03-Oct-11           28-Oct-11

                                                              4             02-Nov-11          26-Nov-11

                                                              5             01-Dec-11           24-Dec-11

                                                              6              02-Jan-12           27-Jan-12

                                                              7              01-Feb-12           25-Feb-12

                                                              8             01-Mar-12          24-Mar-12

Refresher course for Workshop                    1              10-Oct-11           31-Oct-11

Engineers (RCWS)

                                                              2              16-Feb-12          07-Mar-12

For Running Staff of SWR

Promotional course for LP (Goods to              1              20-Jun-11          13-Aug-11

Pass) (LM-15)

                                                              2             21-Nov-11           16-Jan-12

Promotional Course for ALP/Shunters            1             20-Apr-11            19-Jul-11

to LP (Goods) (LM-16)

                                                              2             20-Aug-11          28-Nov-11

Promotional course for ALP/Shunters            3              20-Jan-12           21-Apr-12

to LP(Goods) (LM-16)

Refresher course for Asst.Loco Pilots          1               25-Jul-11          13-Aug-11


                                                              2              09-Sep-11           30-Sep-11

                                                              3             10-Nov-11          30-Nov-11

                                                              4              10-Jan-12           01-Feb-12

Refresher course for Asst.Loco Pilots            5             20-Mar-12           09-Apr-12


Refresher course for Loco Pilots                  1             11-Apr-11          02-May-11


                                                              2            10-May-11          30-May-11

                                                              3               11-Jul-11            30-Jul-11

                                                              4             08-Aug-11          29-Aug-11

                                                              5              10-Oct-11           31-Oct-11

                                                              6             20-Dec-11           09-Jan-12

                                                              7              13-Feb-12          03-Mar-12

                                                              8             12-Mar-12          31-Mar-12

Refresher course for Shunters(RCLPS)         1              01-Jun-11           11-Jun-11

                                                              2             01-Dec-11           12-Dec-11


Special Courses

Accident Investigation Programme                1              06-Jun-11           11-Jun-11


                                                              2             26-Dec-11           31-Dec-11

AUTOCAD Programme(CADP)                   1            30-May-11           11-Jun-11

                                                              2               25-Jul-11          06-Aug-11

                                                              3             14-Nov-11          26-Nov-11

                                                              4             05-Mar-12          17-Mar-12

Computer Awareness Programme                1            16-May-11          20-May-11


                                                              2               18-Jul-11            22-Jul-11

                                                              3              05-Sep-11           09-Sep-11

                                                              4             05-Dec-11           09-Dec-11

                                                              5              09-Jan-12           13-Jan-12

                                                              6             19-Mar-12          23-Mar-12

Contract Management (CMP)                       1            23-May-11          27-May-11

                                                              2             22-Aug-11          26-Aug-11

                                                              3             08-Nov-11          12-Nov-11

                                                              4              06-Feb-12           10-Feb-12

Discipline and Appeal Rules                        1             05-Apr-11           09-Apr-11


                                                              2               11-Jul-11            15-Jul-11

                                                              3             28-Nov-11           02-Dec-11

                                                              4              27-Feb-12          02-Mar-12

Disaster Management Programme                1            02-May-11          06-May-11


                                                              2               25-Jul-11            29-Jul-11

                                                              3              10-Oct-11           14-Oct-11

                                                              4             05-Dec-11           09-Dec-11

                                                              5              16-Jan-12           20-Jan-12

                                                              6             26-Mar-12          30-Mar-12

MS Access Programme(MAP)                    1             11-Apr-11           15-Apr-11

                                                              2              13-Jun-11           17-Jun-11

                                                              3             16-Aug-11          20-Aug-11

                                                              4              17-Oct-11           21-Oct-11

                                                              5             19-Dec-11           23-Dec-11

                                                              6              06-Feb-12           10-Feb-12

Mechatronics Programme(MP)                    1             22-Aug-11          27-Aug-11

                                                              2              10-Oct-11           15-Oct-11

                                                              3             12-Dec-11           17-Dec-11

                                                              4              13-Feb-12           18-Feb-12

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning                1              27-Jun-11            02-Jul-11


                                                              2              19-Sep-11           24-Sep-11

                                                              3              16-Jan-12           21-Jan-12

                                                              4             26-Mar-12          31-Mar-12

Supervisory Development Programme            1             25-Apr-11           29-Apr-11


                                                              2               18-Jul-11            22-Jul-11

                                                              3              17-Oct-11           21-Oct-11

                                                              4              20-Feb-12           24-Feb-12

Training of Trainers(TOT)                          1            11-May-11          18-May-11

                                                              2               06-Jul-11            13-Jul-11

                                                              3              07-Sep-11           14-Sep-11

                                                              4             02-Nov-11          10-Nov-11

                                                              5              04-Jan-12           11-Jan-12

                                                              6             07-Mar-12          14-Mar-12

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